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Thread: What do you NF's think of the other temperaments?

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    NTs- cool, so long as they're mellow, not anal. One of my close friends is INTP; I love her sense of humor/philosophical thoughts.

    SJs- one of my long time good friend is ISFJ- I get along with her really well. Other than that, XSTJ, I have a hard time really bonding with. We're neutral on a professional level.. friendship-wise? I just.. cannot really relate at all.

    SP- ISXPs are okay.. SPs I know tend to take things at face-value too much, which is one of my pet-peeves. It's hard for me to share deep/relavent conversations with them, but they make great shopping/party buddies.

    NFs- I love. ENFs, I tend to have more fun with- our conversations can last for hours it's crazy. INFs I know are sweet/sincere- I find myself sticking up for them often.

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    I've just been involved with an INFJ. Shortly after she went back home, she posted End of Story. She is probably right because my feeling would be to drift on seeing each other a week or two every few months where nothing can come of it but because she is there obstructs anything else from developing. At the same time, I can't help feeling that a lot of her reason was that she will take something in a way quite different from what I meant, sometimes how somebody with a bee in their bonnet wants to take it.

    Trying to explain I meant something else just puts her back up that I can't tolerate her disagreeing with me (that is, disagreeing that what I say I mean is what I mean), and showing her how she risks repeating the same kind of mistake as others who may be doing it deliberately has her complaining angrily that I am accusing her of being one of that group.

    I hate this sort of thing because it plays right into smirking gits full of opinions about 'women'. I think it's partly realism coming to play and maybe my own inconsiderate feelings that never want to lose anybody altogether no matter who else comes on the scene - after all, it's never bothered me to be 'second fiddle' - while she realises emotionally what I only see intellectually that a boring marriage with a house of her own is better than anything I have to offer.

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    Haven't read anyone elses responses...

    I guess there are people of each temperament (and breaking it down even further into type) who I really like and really get along with, and people of each temperament/type who I just don't want to invest deeply in, or dislike. It just depends on the individual and their maturity/interests/beliefs.

    However most of my friends happen to be NF's. There's no great reason behind that, other than that we all tend to have similar interests and that's how the friendships began.

    I've never had issues with NT's, though, and actually feel very comfortable around them, and haven't ever encountered any communication barriers/issues or anything, or conflicts related to the differing temperament (so that's why I find it curious when there's so much talk about nf vs. nt, or nf vs. sp, etc etc). I actually find it kind of refreshing being around NT's - I can joke around a lot more and don't have to bother with pleasantries.

    I'm actually not friends with any SP's, although know I'm acquainted with some -- and think as a temperament they're rather delightful.

    I work with some SJ's (and my mom and some other relatives are SJ's), although again, have never gotten 'close' to most, with the exception of one -- I've become really good friends with an ISFJ over the past couple of years, and she's a wonderful, funny, interesting person with complexities just like the N's. ;-)
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    NTs -> most of my best friends are NTs. very intellectually fun. able to turn any situation into a deep conversation (which i love). they dont waste time on pointless small talk (thank god). over all they are a great compliment to my own personality

    SJs -> my most loyal friends are SJs. they are the kind of friends that will willingly take a bullet for you. as much as people dont believe it, my few ISTJ friends are extremely caring about my overall wellbeing. my two ISFJs take this to an extreme. i can occasionally have a deep convo with SJs also.

    SPs -> if im super bored and my NT friends are busy an SP friend is always a good call. they tend to be my most fun friends. somehow i always end up doing something crazy with them like setting off fireworks in the woods or having an egg fight in the back room of wegmans or something just plain fun. to me they are a novelty.

    NFs -> my own temperament. I love NFs. they are the only temperament that truely understands me for who i am as a person. ENFPs can be much like SPs in some ways in the fact that im always having an adventure with them. my one INFP friend is great to talk to about music and just socialize in a very NF way. my another ENFJ friend is fun to have deep conversations with. they tend to be good people for boosting self esteem or bouncing ideas off of. my mom is an INFJ and a big encouragement.
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    NT- I have a lot of NT friends, probably more NT friends than NF actually. I think that's mostly a gender thing though (more male NTs than male NFs). They are either really fun to hang around with or (only true for the XNTJs) get very arrogant and are surprisingly easy to beat in a logical argument.

    NF- Awesome people! However, one thing I don't relate to necessarily is that when hanging out with NFs, you are often walking on eggshells. They like all sorts of humor- except when you make fun of the stuff they strongly believe in. A happy NF is your best friend, a grouchy one- your worst enemy.

    SP- I party with these dudes all the time! Most are way crazier than I am.

    SJ-The few I've become friends with are usually down-to-earth and open-minded types. They are uber-responsible and I don't know of an SJ who has not gotten annoyed by my overall apathy towards the little things in life.
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    NF's are great for the most part. They can be also the most difficult people. But generally, I just love NF's have what it takes - the deep feeling and intuition levels. I enjoy both of those very much.

    SP's are plainly fun people. I love most of them because they are so fun and I love fun. (haha - I sound pretty stupid here). They are also many times very open to the possiblities and I appreciate it very much.

    NT's are the most annoying but also the most interesting people because their way of thinking is so very different from mine. So, with NT's you always get a new viewpoint on things. NT's can be also extremely arrogant people and in those cases they make me absolutely 100% mad.

    SJ's - know many pleasant SJ's and many non-pleasant SJ's. They are the most neutral in some ways even if they get me angry more than other temperament types because of their ignorance of some things.

    Very much generalizations here, so not to be taken too seriously.

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    INTPs and INFJs are the two which are most appealing to me in a general way other than other INFPs.

    Interestingly enough it is the dogged precison of many INTPs and the righteous attitudes of INFJs which are my areas of contention with the two styles.

    Probably stuff I'm not done working on for myself yet? Yeah. Probably.
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    Interesting that the NFs in this thread tend to categorize other types as to how good they are to party with? Are we not partiers?
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    Quote Originally Posted by nolla View Post
    I think my relations to the types are about like this:

    SP: The people I drink with
    NT: The people I argue with
    SJ: The people I don't quite understand

    The SPs are great because they never seem to get angry, or if they do, they will mellow out real fast. On the other hand it is fun talking to NTs but when it gets out of control, there is no choice but to leave the subject since they don't like to back up and neither do I if I am sure about it. But SJs.. they are ok, if there's SPs around. The SPs are the link between me and SJs. If you lock me in a room with an SJ, it will be a really long awkward silence.
    I wish I had come up with that.

    NF: I'm fine with them.
    NT: It depends on their true character. (I know an unhealthy one, not fun to be around)
    SP: Okay, sometimes.
    SJ: Difficult to breathe near, lol. I feel like I'm being constantly examined and then mocked.

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    Theoretical Template:

    NTs: Very calculating, complex people with scientific minds. They are somewhat oblivious to anything that can't be analyzed, and attempt to systematize every aspect of life they are aware of into a coherent theory. They do have feelings of a very low-key, mostly unobtrusive sort except under severe stress. No strong repulsions or attractions (which makes them seem a bit clinical), but minor irritation with things that are incorrect. Best dealt with by sticking to intricate, abstract impersonal topics and impersonal arguments, and avoiding emotional displays.

    SJs: Dutiful, disciplined, and pedantic people with an eye for detail and respect for institutions and authorities. The common man. They take pride in their work and check their process carefully to make sure they've completed all steps, and that everything they're responsible for is taken care of. They approach life in a fairly conventional way, and are unlikely to do anything out of the ordinary. Best dealt with by observing all procedures and customs (including local ones, regardless of where you're from) as carefully as possible, and keeping your word without fail.

    SPs: Action loving, risk-taking hedonists with a zest for life, they abhor boredom and closed-mindedness above all. They enjoy doing physical things, the outdoors, and parties. They appreciate art, good food and drink, and earthy humor. They're quite likely to love honing and showing off their physical skills, such as sports and dancing. Best dealt with by being ready for anything, cheerful, fun to be around, and willing to do anything.

    Experiential template:

    NTs: Intelligent, witty people with a good sense of humor and often a perfectionist streak, which is darkened by a strong sense of frustration towards the needless incompetence and ignorance in the world. May seem somewhat detached on the surface but are actually quite shy and vulnerable underneath. Often have several narrow interests that they are very knowledgeable and opinionated about, and may have little interest in more general conversation. Usually have some degree of surface knowledge about things in an abstract sense due to sheer curiosity and a desire to see themselves as informed individuals. Best dealt with by being open-minded and honest, especially about what you know and don't know.

    SJs: Pretty much ordinary people. They're fairly practical and focused on doing what they have to do to get through life safely and be respected. They can be rather stubborn and rigid about things they've become accustomed to, and sometimes romanticize the past, but generally figure out that they have to move on sometimes. They sometimes struggle more than others with mistaking what others expect from them with what they want for themselves, and this is probably the cause of the common "mid-life crisis," because it's often around this time that they begin to sort it out and find themselves. Best dealt with by being dependable and considerate.

    SPs: They're fairly practical and focused on doing what they have to do to get through life, similar to SJs, except that their focus tends to be on pleasure and their own idea of self-improvement rather than respect and safety, although the degree of this can vary greatly. They're a bit bolder and more in tune with their instincts than other types, and this can be a good or a bad thing depending on the situation. They tend to dislike boredom and having their freedom constrained too much. Best dealt with by being open minded and having a sense of fun and style.

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