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Thread: Nostalgia

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    I'm extremely nostalgic. I've been accused of living in the past. I think it is an INFP trait.
    "Sentiment without action is the ruin of the soul." - Edward Abbey

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    Flipping nostalgia.

    Sure I get it for wondering the what it would be like should I ever meet my relatives, or what it would be like should I ever visit my country of birth. Or those were the days back in high school until facebook then I went yuck, so over it now.

    I get it for shows that should of had more seasons. When seeing something like Firefly and so forth every now and again I get a sense of nostalgia to see it. This applies to childhood shows I used to watch like Monkey Magic. And books in general I'd reread again because of the sentimental factor of knowing what a great read it is.

    Yep music gets me there too easy.

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