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Thread: Why do NFs care?/apathy

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    Being empathetic can really suck ass sometimes.

    Sometimes I wish I could be a bit more apathetic.

    'Cause you can't handle me...

    "A lie is a lie even if everyone believes it. The truth is the truth even if nobody believes it." - David Stevens

    "That that is, is. That that is not, is not. Is that it? It is."

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    I'm really apathetic atm. I try to care out of habit, but the best I can do is be bothered a bit by how little I care. Which is caring, in a fucked-up way.

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    There are times I have some apathy after I've burnt myself out on anxiety and simply have no energy left.

    Constantly viewing the world through many angles, having a natural tendency to imagine oneself in other people's shoes can have a cumulative effect.
    The first man to raise a fist is the man who's run out of ideas. H.G. WELLS
    The first principle is that you must not fool yourself, and you are the easiest person to fool. FEYNMAN

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