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    Default write a few setences telling how the poster above will meet their grim end.

    i guess im the first, so have at it. :P
    "I'm not in this world to live up to your expectations and you're not in this world to live up to mine. "
    -Bruce Lee

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    By falling into a bomb trap.

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    (Oh come on, OP said a few sentences. Let's spice this up!)

    It's a comedically bad day. One that starts off with high hopes only to slowly deteriorate into what would've been your worst day ever (if it wasn't your last, that is). You tried to combat that dark cloud your attitude was becoming by grabbing a book and going to the park where it is there you convert over to the e-book side of book-loving debaters as the sudden shift in weather ruins your paperback book. At this point, you're crying. Not because you're sad or because that book was expensive, but because you're incredibly angry at the way things have gone and you simply don't have anyone to blame except yourself and you'll be dammed if that happens. A stroll through the park becomes a march out of the rain and makes your vision blurry. Soaked and seething, all you have to do is make it across the street to your car and you're golden. Or for the very least, dry.

    You don't though. Sadly a person in a similar situation got in their car first and was trying to speed home. They didn't notice you until you were on their windshield.

    They barely got away with a manslaughter charge, because in their defense, you were jay-walking.
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