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    Quote Originally Posted by GZA View Post
    Both of you need to chill out and relax on the road then.

    What if he's a new driver, like myself. I hate all the impatient assholes who honk at me while I'm making my FIRST LEFT TURN AT A MAJOR INTERSECTION AND I'M NERVOUS. Assholes.

    Hey, it's pretty rare for me to actually honk at someone. That doesn't tend to do any good for anybody. Only time I do it is if someone is backing into me and I think they really dont see me, or if the light's been green for 5 seconds, theyre just sitting there, and I can see that theyre yammering on their cell phone instead of paying attention.

    I like to chill out and relax on the road, when I go down roads without much other traffic, I can do it pretty easily.
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    Quote Originally Posted by Jeffster View Post
    Well, why would I want to rip people apart? I don't hate any person, much less hate a type, that's just silly. I hate some things that certain people do, but I don't know or care what their type is when they do it, for the most part. I'm quick to call the dude going 20 in a 35 a moron, but I still don't hate him and I don't know or care what personality type he is, I just want him outta my way!
    Very well said sir. I'm aware that this is a previous post lol. My main goal of this post is to end the "WHAT DO YOU HATE ABOUT XXXX". That's just a stupid way of putting it imo. It would be much better worded "What does XXXX need to work on" (that's horribly worded but you get my point). Like stated in above quote, because people do things that might bother you doesn't mean you need to hate them.

    I am aware that the title is not the intention either so don't think I'm taking it seriously.
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