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Thread: Fictional ENFPs

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    I'm surprised no one's said Pollyanna yet.
    5w6 or 9w1 sp/so/sx, I think
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    Quote Originally Posted by Savage Idealist View Post
    Kamina from Gurren Lagann.
    The title character of Naruto.
    Blackstar from Soul Eater (who's basically Naruto - orange jumpsuit/blonde hair)
    nooo, all 3 are ESFPs
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    in that show about vampires in the swamp...True Blood, the author managed to cast every possible variant of crazy ass enfp and showcase all the stupid shit we are capable was so funny to watch

    eric-the scary type 4 sp/sx enfp, sexy and psycho and devoted to defending what is his.

    Jasons' hippie girlfriend ( type 7 so/sx who cant deal with the past and thinks she is so giving and caring, even as she does a double standard and drains all the blood from that vampire guy to sell.

    Sookie's best friend_the type 4, jesus-christ-my-mother-made-me-crazy-and-I-dont-trust any of you flavor of enfp:

    The coven leader Marnie ( who got a bit of power and went screw-you-people-for-being-mean-to-me-my whole life enfp and went on a vampire killing spree.

    other notables are Pam, not an enfp, but a very sexy INTJ:

    and we cant forget the ENFJ mynad, who goes to show that enfps arent the only crazy characters in this show: http://pauseliveaction.files.wordpre...04/maryann.jpg

    I really liked the SFP characters of sookie and Jason as they sort of highlighted how neurotic intuitives can appear (and actually be) to folks who live in the now. I found sookie's characters to be interestingly forgiving on the was an interesting sfp moment to me to see that play out.

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    SPYRO! <3


    and of star wars: asoka.
    healthiness is all about appreciating other peoples inferior function. its like the sore spot no one ever notices, but we desperately wish they did, and if you focus on doing that, youll have many friends. and also learn to appreciate your own inferior function, others wont find it stupid if you show them how cool it is.

    INTJ 4w3 Sp Sx. (i dont believe in tritype. i do believe in learning traits from others.)

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    Quote Originally Posted by mortabunt View Post
    Just about every single disney princess is an ENFP.
    Nah, definitely not all of them. I can't link it right now since my school computer blocks a lot of websites, but if you just google Disney Princess MBTI you'll see all their different types.

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