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Thread: Do other NF's seem to constantly toe the line between extroversion and introversion?

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    ^ Extroversion/introversion lies on a scale. Any individual can fall anywhere on that scale, regardless of what their type is. But typically 2w3s are a very outgoing type, so an extroverted type that is also 2w3 is typically fairly and visibly extroverted. But like I said, levels of introversion/extroversion varies for everyone so don't take it too seriously when considering your type.
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    I've never been able to really tell if I'm a quiet extrovert or a real introvert. It seems to go through cycles too much.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Mychemicalkilljoy View Post
    I guess that's true for everyone. Everyone is an ambivalent. They can't be pure e or I.
    I'm the living proof that that's not true. Is get their energy from being alone, Es recharge by staying with people. Then of course it's a spectrum, some Is require less alone time to recharge, while others (like me) need about a week of total silence for every hour spent socialising. Ambiverts are 50-50 (+/- 10). Not everyone is 50-50.

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    OP, even though you're ENFP, you are also enneagram 4. That is a withdrawn type.

    I thought for years that I was introverted because I usually have one person in my life that I latch on to, spend time with, and consider extremely special to me (doesn't have to be romantic but that's nice, too). I can get overwhelmed and need to go home...back to my den. I prefer one on one activities, solitary pursuits, and stay away from group activities. I love my alone time. But those things don't make me introverted. For me, extroversion means I very much need the stimulation of the outside world. I take the outer world and other people for granted and try to find my place in it. I need something to bounce my Ne off of and if I'm not "taking the pulse of the outer world" in some way, I start to lose my vitality.

    But most of all, I'm extroverted because I lead with extroverted intuition, not introverted feeling. I live with two Fi-doms and am close to another one. We may be similar but seeing how they think makes me realize there's no way I lead with introverted feeling. It's very different (and I'm really jealous at times).
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    I'm enthusiastic and talkative when I am one-on-one with a person. I feel relaxed and comfortable in small groups. This often leads people to think I'm an extrovert because they're seeing a burst of energy, but I'm very much an introvert. The information my friends are lacking is that I only see them once a week at the most and we see each other for only a few hours. The rest of the time, I'm in my nice, quiet, cozy home. There are a couple of people I don't mind spending an entire day or more with, but it's because they don't make me feel tired and they don't take it personally if I withdraw for a period of time while we're together.

    I'm also sx/sp and enneagram 6, both of which makes me more of an outgoing introvert. I like being around my friends, and people-watching can be a fun passive activity, but too much interaction will do me in. I can have a fantastic night out with my ENTP friend but go home feeling almost hollow inside because I did too much.

    If I do seem to be going on an extroversion binge and I'm out doing all of the things all of the time, it's because something is wrong and I'm compensating by acting all happy-happy. Excessive socializing is really not a good sign for me.
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