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Thread: ENFP's with ADD/ADHD

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    Quote Originally Posted by Magic Poriferan View Post
    Exactly. There was someone on this forum that once said the psychiatric business is looking to turn all the NPs into SJs. I couldn't have agreed more.
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    Quote Originally Posted by mlittrell View Post
    This man knows what he is talking about. ADD does not exist. Why is it that Europes population has significantly less cases of ADD then the US. Lol I just looked up and saw what he wrote...ignore past sentence.
    All environments are invisible, no more so than our national environment.

    However to those who make environments visible, it is plain the national environment of the USA is based on literacy rather than the spoken word.

    And a literate environment requires we focus our attention, and those who are not so good at this are 'sick' in the literate environment of the USA and so they are diagnosed with ADD.

    However more traditional nations like Britain, Europe and Australia still retain the sensibility of the spoken culture.

    And so a less focused and a more inclusive sensibility is seen as natural in the more traditional nations, and so less ADD.
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