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Thread: ENFP's with ADD/ADHD

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    I never got tested BUT i study neuropsychology (beside my job) and I can see that I am for sure, at least ADD not automatically hyperactive though (except if you considerate that having a full time job + a full time study + willing to have a full time social life is hyperactivity which might be the case in deed. But I can sit still on a chair too anyway)

    Either people find my ADD side very funny, charming and cool or they just find I am not seirous and not reliable. I can't help but I forget anything anywhere and I am complelty unable to keep an agenda (except my professionnal one).
    I had issues in a former job with co-workers because i regurlarly forgot things like shutting off the heater after going from work (they didn't have an automatic one! Shit!). They just considered me as unreliable and not serious only for that reason. And told me "if you are not able to take care of the heater, how can you take care of the patients!" (I never heard such a bullshit in my life!!). I think that co-workers were ISTJs.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Magic Poriferan View Post
    Exactly. There was someone on this forum that once said the psychiatric business is looking to turn all the NPs into SJs. I couldn't have agreed more.
    And vice-versa for the musician scene.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Aimahn View Post
    Yes I can relate to that. but I think to answer your original question NP's that are extraverted are more likely to be deemed hyperactive and I's innattentive. .
    Disagree! I am "E" and quite ADD

    Quote Originally Posted by Aimahn View Post
    Yes I can relate to that. but I think to answer your original question NP's that are extraverted are more likely to be deemed hyperactive and I's innattentive. I think though that medication is prescribed more to those who don't necessarily do the best in school. I don't think its a case of intelligence just the SJ bias in not valuing or understanding the NP thought process, or making any attempt to cater to it like Magic Poriferan pointed out.

    In terms of whether medication is over prescribed for ADD though I would have to say yes. I think that on some level though it is necessary to string out thoughts and actions for a certain amount of time even for NP's.

    In France, ADD and ADHD medication is very controlled. Only either a brain doctor, or childs doctor or psychiatrist can give such a medication after long examination and after the person has taken different tests (like IQ, speech path testing and so son) to test if the ADD is primary or secondary. No family/general doctor have the right to prescribe it.
    Beside, people tend to be suspiscious toward this medication (ritaline) around here. And that's why, it's not that easy to prescribe it to kids who even sometimes really need it.
    But since many kids today with MAJOR attention deficit and with MAJOR repercution on their daily life take that medication, I can say that it works really great for kids who really need it. But, yes, we have to be careful!

    For example, one time a physician sent to me + to the psychologist a 12 years old child for testing and see if he is hyperactive. After IQ test and speech path test, we found out that 1. He is highly intelligent (IQ 147) 2. He has dyslexia, has troubles reading and writing but his high intelligence hides it.

    We sent him to a special school for highly intelligent kids + training with speech path for dyslexia => not a ADHD, no medication, just an adaptation of the environnement

    He was hyperactive because he was impatient with school because to slow for him. It's not the same than being truly primary hyperactive.
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    I never got tested either, but I suspect I have ADD or just the characteristics of it since I'm not even sure ADD is real. But, anywho, I'm with Cality as far as how it affects me. I cannot keep a schedule or really even make one.

    As I've gotten older I've learned how to 'get by' with coworkers and bosses without looking like a walking mess. I'm exceptionally fast and accurate at most things I'm doing so I end up letting myself 'play' at work for a bit, do my work, play, do my work, get the picture.

    Love life? I have to be careful. Whoever said going slow was best is 100% correct for me. Otherwise I'm going through mens like candy. Which sounds really bad I know, but I'd rush things, find out some things I wouldn't like, see someone else...cycle begins again.

    So maybe it is not ADD and as time has gone on I've just learned how to handle myself a bit better. Although I'm still struggling with scheduling.
    "My mom told me there was a weirdo on every bus, but I never could find him." Emo Phillips

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    Since I do not know much about ADHD, I could be talking out of my rear end here, but I have often wondered if this kind of "illness" may not be certain misunderstood personality types that just do not "fit into" our fast-paced, do-it-now-or-die-or-get-fired mentality. I mean, people did not freak out about this before globalization and wacked-out technology world took over. Of course, it could also be that we just did not have the medical knowledge to discover it before....Who knows?!
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    I was once called "a poster boy for Ritalin".
    wails from the crypt.

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    So you grew tired early
    Became disappointed with those talks
    Where everything would happen soon but not yet, yet, yet, never, no
    To school you went with angry eyes
    They said the child is crazy
    And would you behave better
    If you're quiet and proper, conscientious
    Everything will be better
    Otherwise you'll have to regret
    And you thought

    They don't want me
    They want Laura of Ingalls
    To obey nicely in her pinafore
    But someday I'll rise and laugh at the world
    Some day I'll do what I want
    And they'll regret

    Today you could not stand it anymore
    Others' glances always like ice
    Sometimes they yell after you you're crazy crazy crazy yes that's what you are
    So you decided to go before you'd punch
    You packed your make-up, chains and belts
    And incomplete writing works
    And the Visa of the Swedish teacher
    That he left in the classroom for the break
    Because you'll get to London


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    I've never actually been tested, but I do have many of the characteristics of ADHD. More the Hyperactive end to be honest. If I could stop moving for more than a few seconds that would just be awesome. The whole "pay attention" thing has never really gone over too well with me. I try and most of the time pay enough attention to understand what's being asked, but just don't let a bird fly past the window when you're doing it. Still, even with some obvious symptoms I did alright in school. Finished HS with a 3.4 GPA (not trying to brag, just using it for reference) and had a pretty good ACT. This makes me question the need for medication. I mean, yeah I'm probably ADD but it hasn't had enough of a negative affect on me to justify taking medication. I've tried it before, and did not like how it made me feel. I guess it could have been too strong or something, but I just felt weird without my natural energy in place.

    So yeah...what are we talking about again?

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    i think the Ne IS BASICALLY BUILT IN ADD...and theres nothing wrong with that!!!!

    i see a box: box-->xbox-->halo-->angel-->demon-->red-->blue-->ocean-->waves-->storms

    what if you could like package a storm...into a box?!

    ill also quote myself on how Ne affects my study habits:
    my friends are always amazed at how little i learn from class! what i mean is. im that guy who literally learns NOTHING from class...i just get distracted and bored/mind wanders.

    i learn best in three situations:

    1. i have a slave driver (like a cheerleader who makes sure your doing what your doing ...think of that FJ friend haha)
    2. i want to impress someone (i swear i go into NTJ mode and i literally can become the terminator)
    3. I lock myself in a room with nothing but a desk and a chair + book. (any other medium and i get distracted)

    do any other ENFPs have this terminator mode? i usaully screw around in school (not on purpose) and do bad on the first test...procrastinate, learn nothing from lecture...and then i snap and go into terminator mode where i talk to no one and study for 4 hour intervals of extreme focus. i think its because i just cant do "relaxed" Ne will lead me away if im not locked into the Ni-Si/Te axis....

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    what if you could like package a storm...into a box?!
    I just spent the last five minutes thinking about that. It would be awesome. No more watering the grass, which has gotten so annoying. We haven't had enough rain and I work too hard on the yard to watch it die. So every day I'm out there with the sprinkler and hose, trying to keep my yard all pretty and what not. So uh, storm in a box right! Awesome idea.

    I'll go ahead and add I cannot go into that "terminator" mode you were talking about. I can't focus for that long if I take an adderall, much less just on my own. Generally I consider 20-30 minutes of focused study a great success.

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