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Thread: 13 signs you're a classic INFJ

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    Default 13 signs you're a classic INFJ

    INFJs (and others that know them), do you agree with these points here? It seemed like a good list.

    13 signs you're a classic INFJ

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    Number 9 sounds more like INFP, no?

    Sure, I can relate to it, but I honestly think most NFs can.
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    I agree that it is a bit too generalized. Yes I do identify with most or almost all of these but i also feel like they don't capture the essence of this type in any particular way.

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    I'm an INTP, and I can identify with most of them. The ones I can't quite identify with: #3 (I can identify with it strongly if I take it literally, but I think they might mean something that's the opposite of me. That's a lot of vagueness to fit in 2 sentences.), #4 (The only one that is clearly not like me.), and #13 (Only the 'art' reference doesn't fit me, and if I interpreted it liberally or had a slightly different set of interests, it would fit me perfectly.).

    All of it is said in positive and incredibly complimentary terms. Almost everything said is vague. I'm sure most INFJs would identify with most of it, but I think most non-INFJs would too.
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    1. You’re always in search of a deeper meaning. At work, in relationships, with friends, and interactions with strangers you’re continually looking at life and situations in an obscure way to discover what’s beyond the surface.
    My dominant Ni compels me to seek out the true nature of reality, but it is entirely bigger-picture focused, all-encompassing. I may quite often 'see' what lies at the core of a person, but that isn't a search for meaning. It simply is.

    2. Although people have an easy time connecting with you sometimes you can be a difficult person to really know. You value your privacy and often feel like you can only be your “true self” around those closest to you.
    I'd agree with that. In some ways I wear my heart on my sleeve; in other ways I am fiercely private. I might share my innermost thoughts with a confidant, but if they so much as dare to look at my (completely uninteresting) internet history, for example, I will be extremely offended and feel utterly violated. There are parts of me that people (even my wife) don't get to see, and said parts are largely of very little consequence. They're just 'me', and I like to keep some of that aside for myself. If that makes sense.

    3. You’re a highly empathetic and sensitive person with an innate ability to understand what people are going through. Your care and concern for others is always genuine and you feel deeply for others.
    I'd say this is true, but its scope is incredibly limited. I don't go around pissing feels everywhere, and I certainly don't do sympathy. However, those close to me do receive a great deal of empathy when going through troubled times, and yes - I do feel deeply for a select few.

    4. You find it easy to connect with others and exhibit both introvert and extrovert qualities. You love meeting and interacting with other people and at times can be the life of the party but eventually, you have to go home and recharge.
    True enough. Get enough alcohol down me and yes, I can be the life of the party; I have been described as such many a time, but that was back in my teens and very early twenties. These days I much prefer to keep myself to myself. I have a tendency to swerve social engagements like the plague.

    5. Even beyond high school or college you enjoy learning, particularly about society, other cultures, languages, people, literature, and art. You’re always excited to learn something new and find your interests expanding as you get older.
    I can get behind that, but I'm not an 'arty-farty' INFJ. I am slowly (very slowly) learning Spanish, but that's largely out of necessity as my wife is Spanish. I did want to learn French and German when younger, but unfortunately never quite found the time. I do like to progress as a person, but getting over inertia proves troublesome; even now at (just!) 29 I struggle to get out of my own way... but that's dominant perception for you.

    Ok, so it's a poor excuse for laziness. But I'm rolling with it

    6. You strive for the ideal in every aspect of your life. You have very strong opinions and are driven by your values. You will absolutely fight for what you believe in.
    Meh. Some may be that way inclined; I'm not. Finding a cause is hard, though. I have no doubts that when I do, my passion will burn through.

    7. Sometimes you forget to take care of yourself. You become so passionate about certain projects or things going on with other people that often you end up exhausted and weary. When you’re so busy trying to take care of the world you must remember to take care of yourself as well.
    I can see that being true; there have been times where I've been so absorbed by something that I end up suddenly realising that I'm exhausted, dehydrated, etc.

    8. You’re a deep and complex person but at the same time you also tend to live a very simple life. It really doesn’t take very much to make you feel happy and content with your life. You see things on a larger scale and put more emphasis on your relationships with friends and loved ones over possessions or money.
    True, but inferior Se compels me to like shinies. Therefore, I like quality over quantity. If I get something, I get the best that I can afford.

    9. You can be loyal to a fault. You recognize everyone has flaws and you try to see the beauty in people’s weaknesses over judging them. The problem lies when others don’t give you the same courtesy and you end up feeling bitter or resentful.
    Yeah, sort of. I'm loyal to a very select few, though.

    10. You have a strong sense of idealism but you’re not simply just another dreamer. You realize and understand your goals can have a lasting impact and so you take the necessary steps to make your dreams happen.

    Hardly an INFJ trait, though. Everyone has dreams and goals, ffs.

    11. The true feeling of success to you is based on the condition of your relationships with others and your own level of accomplishment.
    So I derive feelings of success from good inter-personal relationships and accomplishment?

    Shit. Who would have figured?

    12. Your insight is one of your greatest assets and it regularly helps you solve problems. You notice the small details most people seem to overlook. By being able to find patterns and meanings in the world around you you’re able to look at a problem in a number of ways and generate various possibilities.
    Hahaha. "Notice small details". Yes, INFJs are all about the sma- oh, wait. That's utter bollocks.

    The rest is true, though.

    13. You find joy and fulfillment out of expressing yourself through the arts. You likely have a talent for language and writing. Self-expression helps you release everything that’s going on in your head.
    Yes, this is true. Writing does touch me in my special place.

    Sorry my answers were a bit brief. I quickly got bored with yet another generic load of horseshit.

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    Quote Originally Posted by velveteen View Post
    Number 9 sounds more like INFP, no?

    Sure, I can relate to it, but I honestly think most NFs can.
    why? because only INFPs can become bitter and resentful? :/ i've actually noticed that INFJs tend to stay in relationships way past the point of expiration for the sake of loyalty and the idea of the relationship

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    1-5) I agree with these and attribute them to varying combinations of Ni-Fe.
    6) I felt like this covered a lot of ground for three sentences. My biggest issue is that it can take a long time to figure out what those opinions and beliefs are; I feel like Fi is more attuned to those concerns.
    7) I've seen this attributed to having inferior sensing.
    8) Okay, honestly? Who would disagree with this? You could put it on a list for any type, and they'd agree with it, because no one with any self esteem thinks of themselves as shallow, simple-minded persons who demand the world and only care about money. I say, throw this one off the list.
    9 and 11) I feel like these both have to do with Fe more than anything.
    10) This is the nice part about being an NJ.
    12) Sounds like someone summarized what it means to be a dominant intuitive. The small details part is something we often associate with Sensing, but because introverted functions emphasize depth, I think Ni would probably notice small things like that more than Ne, especially if the Ni is being paired with Se. and I think there's some truth to INFJs picking up/noticing things that other people may have deemed unimportant. You can always trust an INFJ to tell you why something is significant.
    13) This isn't overly type specific, but a study did indicate that INFJs prefer writing over any other pastime, and they prefer it more than almost any other type prefers anything (INTJs really liked taking classes).

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    Except 4, 8 and 10, I have all of these signs, as well as most INFPs I know. Some INFP even have number 8 too.

    This list is not very good.
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    Maybe the list is good, and you're an INFJ / I'm an INFP.


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    No to 7, 9 and sort of 4.

    I'd think much more than 3% of the population would relate to these traits.
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