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Thread: Which mbti type do you get along most in real life?

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    For me- ENTP, istp, esfp , INFP and intp / lots of Ps I guess

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    ENTP, ESTP, INFJ (when I'm sweet), and I'm crazy about ENFJ's!

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    1. ISTP! My best friend/boyfriend is an ISTP. The volume of our understanding and connection is undoubtedly boosted by a shared Enneagram type and instinctual stacking, but I'm still giving it the top spot. It's just that good.

    2. INTP. I love these guys. The abstract conversations I have with them are wonderful, and we seem to click pretty well as people.

    3. ISFJ. An odd-couple friendship, maybe, but there is an ISFJ in my life whom I'm very lucky to have as a close friend. It's a yin and yang sort of dynamic, but it works very well and I think we're good for each other. I'm the live wire, she's the ground.

    4. ENFP. I've had a number of intense, awesome friendships with ENFPs. They're my spur-of-the-moment buddies who are often just as down for waxing poetic privately as they are for spontaneous pub grub at three in the morning. We bust out the glowsticks together, take pictures in cornfields together, and write half-assed song lyrics about the complications in our lives together. The trouble is, the main characters from my history eventually seemed to have experienced sudden shifts in identity, but felt that they'd always been this way - it was I who suddenly didn't fit the picture. Then they faded away or fluttered off to some new adventure without appearing to give it any more thought. I don't stay heartbroken for long, but I'd be lying if I said it didn't bum me out. (Ironically, I move on...and then they'll contact me out of nowhere, having succumbed to nostalgia some evening.)

    5. ESTP. Lots of fun, generally up for anything and everything, but a drain on my batteries after prolonged contact. Best for when they're doing what I already want to do in the first place.

    6. INFJ. This is hit or miss. Most self-proclaimed INFJs that one runs into are online; I think I've met two in real life. One drove me insane, the other is an inspiration. I suspect it lies in the amount of blind faith one has in his or her dominant Ni. It's really, really easy to glorify that instinct since it is so often correct, but I believe that those who unquestioningly trust a first impression while priding themselves on their unmatched social intelligence are setting themselves up, quite clearly, for conflict. That was my problem with the first INFJ. He probably was indeed an INFJ, but he frequently exercised an extraordinarily condescending tone with others and sort of shut himself off to new information about them. He liked to play therapist and had a sort of, "No, no, I know about people like you," attitude. He alienated a lot of people that way (you'd think he'd have seen that coming, but his stubbornness apparently overrode his concern for the emotional climate). Seems like the problem @lulabelle complained of earlier in this thread, and unfortunately, I hear about/see this a lot.

    On the other hand, I think well-developed, open-minded Ni-doms are fantastic - and probably more accurate in their intuition. One of my favorite, favorite people was a coworker of mine (the other INFJ). She was quiet, friendly, and unassuming. She handled most situations with a finesse to be envied, very aware of her impact on others and the subtle exchanges between the rest of us. I knew that she knew; we could exchange glances and it felt like transmitting whole paragraphs without ever saying a word. We didn't agree on everything (I'm pretty sure she's conservative, whereas I'm....not), but she was so open to others' feelings and respectful that it didn't matter. She could see people for the whole of who they were and appreciate them as such. When she left my place of employment, I straight up cried.

    7. INTJ. There are bumps in the road, but I seem to get along with them well enough.

    8. ENTP. You guys are cool too.

    9. INFP. Ah, the majestic INFP: North America's most expressive, elusive, and strangely fluorescent mammal. I want to get along with them much better than I actually do. I do have some INFP friends, but I sense there's a line that we can't cross with each other, or a line that I shouldn't cross with them. I tend to get "spicy" with regard to certain topics (being sx-dom is no doubt partly to blame), and these Fi-users don't seem to feel especially comfortable when my tone slips into that sort of crazed, "FUCK YEAH SCORE A HAT TRICK YOU FUCKER!" dimension. I'm a very, very passionate person and sometimes it reads a little confrontational even though I intend no damage. So I try to be careful there. I don't think INFPs are fragile; it's just that our wires seem a little more prone to getting crossed.

    10. ENFJ. Definitely friendly, but sometimes a little socially/emotionally invasive when I'm not in the mood.
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    Most of my close friends are SFPs , if they are not SFPs, then they are usually NTPs. I can get along very well with any kind of dominant and auxiliary Fi users, dominant or auxiliary Ne users and surprisingly I get along vary well with Ti. I can't stand Te users and too much Se.
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    INTP, INTJ is interesting, see two grown men doing this (one me, the other INTJ), its fun. ESTP, my also weird and dissident friend. Not INFJ. Hrrm. I'd like to say INFP, maybe ENFP. Don't know about ISFP. ISTJ pretty much values a person by how much work they do. Hahahaha. My brother and this other guy both thinks I'm weird, lazy, and a lier. Which is probably all true. ENTJ and I probably wouldn't mix, although I don't know. I do believe I bore ENTP, but after a certain period of time they stop listening to my insanity. ISFJ is cool, but dedicates themselves to the weirdest of things. The guy I know is a diehard socialist. I call him a nationalist, because he wants the land of another country for his own. I think its funny. He claims to do it because they took it from their nation. I say well, that's nationalism, pretty much just to annoy him. We don't talk so much any more, because we have nothing to talk about. I say something crazy, and he doesn't care. He speaks about what he did that day, and I really don't care. We do still enjoy playing games together every so often, although our internet connection sucks. Him being in a different country, it makes sense. ISTP is pretty much the same way, but I've never spoken with any. I consider ESFJs slackers. Nice enough people, but slackers. Which is ironic because I procrastinate, but it is for different reasons. ESFP is a meh personality. ENFP is interesting. I'm not sure of which is which. If ENFP is what I think it is then they're awesome people. If ESFP is what I think it is, then they're Justin Bieber. I don't think I'd like Justin Bieber. Probably also a slacker. Don't ask what my definition of a slacker is.

    INFP to INFP, I've found that most INFPs are quite quiet compared to me. Then again, I don't have much to go on. I force myself to at least appear extroverted among other people. What I do, however is probably very not INFP, which is why it likely gives me headaches after long exposure. I'll go into that on another day. Good bye.

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    My friend/acquaintance group is ridiculously xxFP heavy. I can get along with almost anyone though, I'm like, super chill, you know?

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    ESTJ, INT...Thinkers in general

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