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So now... you want them to apologize for apologizing?
I'd rather have people apologize for responding to a post I made four years ago and didn't even remember existed.

... but actually, no apology necessary. I just wanted to understand why they do it.

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NFs are fine just the way they are. They're not NTs, there's no reason they need to be NTs. I think in many cases, they just really don't care to argue. When I argue with NFs, I often feel like I'm being cruel by "pushing my values on them." I'd rather not be cruel. There are plenty of NTs to argue with without getting the NFs involved.
It's not a matter of them being NTs.

It's a matter of dealing with people, and actually, now, if we look at it, some strategies if overused can actually created hardship for the person and the other people they deal with. It's not like NTs shouldn't apologize in some situations, when it makes sense and is actually beneficial to everyone; meanwhile, NFs don't need to apologize for everything.

It has nothing to do with a judgment over "what a type should be," it's about doing what is most beneficial in a given situation.

... but... then again.. people are who they are. So.... now what?