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Thread: INTP + ENFJ = ?

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    Extroverted Feeling types should be naturally drawn to the Introverted Thinking types.

    However, really FeNe should prefer the TiSi over the TiNi.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Hypatia View Post
    Don't understand this dual pairing mythology yet. So far as I see it, it can only work during the more mature years when and if ENFJ and INTP are theoretically supposed to care about their inferior functions.
    Yes, I can see that. When younger, there was more of a select group that I got along with. These were people who happened to fit well with me. But now, I have dealt with more people and have had time to analyze why we don't get a long, I can see that it is important to try to view yourself through the perspective of other types.

    Like people who are feelers, I think about how I view things in a logical way, then think about how that can make someone feel. I tailor that to how I express myself. It's like if someone asks you how they look or your opinion on a sensitive subject related to them, I don't just say the first factual, logical thing that comes to mind, especially if it's something they can't easily change. If a friend asks if they are smart and I don't think of them as academic or knowledgeable, I don't say, "well, you don't know a lot about many things, so you are not very smart." I say, " You are really good with people and really funny. It takes a certain kind of intelligence to be that way, so you are smart." It's not lying, but putting a positive spin on things.

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    Can't remember if I answered in this thread already. But I really dig INTPs males, as friends. The intp females I know or have known don't seem to work out so well. I'm not sure why that is.

    Not sure romantically. I'm not really in a romantic phase right now.
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    I don't think I've fell for an ENFJ

    The Researcher

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    A crappy couple.

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