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Thread: Are INFPs (and ISFPs) better bullsh*t detectors than the other types?

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    Quote Originally Posted by kiddykat View Post
    I most certainly feel Fi can really help to me to feel when something seems off, and having the ability to quickly assess that feeling by putting myself into that person's shoes or a situation can really help me determine falseness or not.

    Not all of that feeling is confirmation bias, which most social-psychology books seem to push onto others these days. Sometimes, when you know, you just know. Doubting yourself is like denying yourself or lying to yourself over and over and over again.

    I think most people have the gift of Fi, but most people in society are also taught that feelings are irrational, when in fact, they're also a way to guide us to what seems wrong or right. Sorta like how scientists can get a feeling for something. There aren't always 100% tangible explanations for that feeling, but to trust it, then the ability to distinguish what's true or false gradually grows stronger and stronger.
    This is true. Feelings have an evolutionary purpose and protect our survival; otherwise they wouldn't exist.
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    Yeah, okay, this is a stupid topic. Forgive me.

    I wasn't trying to say "ooh IxFPs are better than other types in this area. nyah nyah nyah."

    I can see this is a sensitive issue for certain members, so I'd better leave it be.

    Just conjecture on my part.

    I'm also not in the mood for snarky off-topic fart jokes. Maybe keep that in the NT sub-section next time.

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