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Thread: INFJs... scatterbrained?

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    I will think to myself, "okay, I need to do this and this and this before I go out... I should do them in this order so that I don't have to wander around the whole damn house again." But then I always forget what I'm doing, and will do them out of order, so by the time I'm ready, I've wandered around the house five times before I get out the door.

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    Maybe it would be helpful to start making lists or ease a bit on that planning thing xD
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    Quote Originally Posted by tENnisFJ View Post

    And I lose a lot of stuff like cell phones, misplace my wallet + car keys, leave books behind etc. You guys have these same issues too?
    MOTHER OF PEARL is that ever me. Makes those nearest and dearest to me exasperated beyond belief... but not near as exasperated as I get with myself.
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    I am very scatterbrained at times, but I am also a very responsible person. I always make sure to take care of the big stuff, like paying bills and getting to work exactly on time. But I do A LOT of silly scatterbrainy stuff. The other night I drove a couple of my friends and I to a restaurant, parked, then we all got out and I started walking towards the restuarant. It was my best friend (an ENFP) who was the one to point out that I had left the car running! Everyone had a good laugh about that one.
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    Yes! I am usually contemplating the social activity of lizards outside my office window, the petal of the orchid in my desk vase, or the social injustice of some local (or state) government's new law which screws the impoverished.

    My boss is ISTJ--to the extreme. I love ISTJs in general, but I'm experiencing death by paperwork and nitpicking with her. She thinks I'm scatterbrained, abstract, and too empathetic. I think she's missing the forest for the trees, obsessive over unimportant details, and overly/pointlessly argumentative. LOL!

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    Quote Originally Posted by locke View Post
    That is what you call "proof"!

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    Typical examples:

    Went swimming wearing eye makeup.. didn't have any remover so decided to avoid getting my face wet for the hour. Succeeded only to get out and shower my face and give myself panda eyes.

    Making breakfast: put kettle on for cup of tea, poured breakfast cereal into bowl, got out milk .... poured boiling water onto cereal... Tried eating it but it's really not very tasty...I don't recommend it...

    I need lists, and I need to always write down and calculate how much time I need if i#m going somewhere to great detail. My lists become chaos and I lose them or write a new one forgetting about the old one or they don't make sense to me.

    Being so scatty makes me pretty anxious ahh! I always think I'll forget something or other. Learning to drive is a battle. After 20 lessons you start to worry when the instructor uses the word 'clutch' and it takes you 5 seconds to remember what that actually is... which is a bit late really when you're in busy traffic....uh... no accidents..yet...

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    Oh yes, I can totally relate. LOL

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    ok, ok... so i've forgotten a few things here and there...

    like i'll make plans to grab some lunch on my way to work, only to get there and realize that i had left my cash back at the house that i was going to bring with me...

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