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    Quote Originally Posted by Mustafa View Post
    It is honorable to get married and give women their due. Your mother is also a woman, and if you have respect for her you'll have respect for your new woman. Everyone used to get married before. I am talking strictly law and not religion. And we critisize people in the old age, what the fuck?

    ... I never said anything to make it seem like what you just said. My apologies for any offense.

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    OK. NP

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    Quote Originally Posted by Mustafa View Post
    You are by name coward and liar.
    I'm not liar by name, I'm liar by choice.

    Not unlike you.

    Quote Originally Posted by sarcasmsunshine View Post
    Yeah but at base level health, compared to other functions, inferior Se is the suckiest. I will give credit to the fact that I also think it's the easiest to develop, though.
    I agree.

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    Actually no. I have Asperger, i am says my enemies and experts honorable and upright.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Virgo1987 View Post
    Also, I have no idea what thug culture has to do with the black community. Any race can be classified as a thug these days.
    Would you say that about the Asian minorities in America?

    Source: It’s Just Not Right: Suspensions and Expulsions by Race and Ethnicity: United States - WCCF

    Source: Here's Median Income In The US By Race - Business Insider

    Source: New DOJ Statistics on Race and Violent Crime | American Renaissance

    Now, if you connect the dots, you get a pretty clear conclusion. Thug culture is real and the need to change it has to come from within the black community. I think there's no reason to beat around the bush and not talk openly about the issues.

    For those that are not inclined to reading long sheets of data:

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