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Thread: Gaming the MBTI? Or an indication of authenticity?

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    The only thing I'm fairly sure about (and not "gaming") is general IP temperment. My self typing is more of a "if push comes to shove" conception of myself. My history with people doesn't illustrate a strong "F", but I'm not entirely stupid about it.

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    I've recently changed my own typing in my profile to simply NF and sx because I feel the same "gaming". I've long identified as ENFP, and that has been useful in its own right, but I also know myself in enough depth to see clearly where I diverge from the ENFP stereotype, and I feel that I am a much stronger "NF" than "ENFP". It's an interesting shift moving back into generality. At one time it bothered me endlessly not to have my type decided upon. Now it seems like insufficient information, even misleading.

    I also feel the struggle to do. I always gather, gather, gather information and probe deeper and deeper. Why do I feel compassion so deeply for those in need but struggle to put that compassion into real productivity?

    Quote Originally Posted by seaweedhairnet
    I've found that doing the opposite, actively forgetting myself, or attempting to stop knowing myself, while also separating myself from others, seems to be a better angle to connect with something that feels profound, correct, centered. I think that I often concern myself more with intended audience perception than I do with self-expression. The only place I've found solace from this is in a flow state of 'play'... I've found no better way to pointedly create space (or at least an absence of... something) in which I can solidify and share an inner reflexivity with easy, compassionate certitude.
    Me too, this really resonates with me. Paradoxically, I feel like I am most myself when I am immersed deep in something else.

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    I find that I cannot not analyze the test questions as I see them. I know MBTI well enough that I can almost always pick out what preference or cognitive function the question is after. I do this automatically. I try to get the mindset as imagine you have never been exposed the MBTI and answer accordingly which isn't that easily considering my exposure with MBTI. So I just try to answer the questions as honestly as possible.
    5w6 or 9w1 sp/so/sx, I think
    Neutral Good

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    Yeah, the tests are useless once you know enough about MBTI because before you've finished reading the question you know which letters it's sorting you into.
    -end of thread-

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