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Thread: The Unicorns Are Coming aka The Internet Invades Reality D:

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    Her anime name is "Fukkacumi?"

    Quote Originally Posted by Amargith View Post
    Artistically? Really cool. This is basically a technique to give you that typical baby-head thing that has an effect on people subconsciously (ya know, the way Mother Nature gives all baby-animals really big eyes and makes all adults respond to it with an 'Awww' effect?), so in that way, it can definitely appeal. And man, she knows her least how to do her style well. Add to that the waifish build, and yeah, it enhances the effect even more.
    I think it's pretty cool in the sense it's a form of artistry. I'm curious to watch the video to see how she achieve that particular look. Same with Barbie.

    Honestly though, I am kind of concerned for her health as to how far she is going in this ehm..creation. Obsession can drive a person far.
    Her waist looks insanely thin right now, and structurally to reduce it further seems like it could impact both her skeletal system and her internal organs. Not good.
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    Quote Originally Posted by prplchknz View Post
    this title's misleading, i thought it was going to be about INFP scientist genetically engineering unicorns for real life
    Yeah. For a moment there I thought someone stole my research notes and frozen unicorn DNA...
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