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Thread: How do NFs view INTJs?

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    I admire them for being effective in the "fighting fair" ways of competence, intelligence, hard work and problem-solving skills. I also see them as tragic figures, in a way. Why? Because they are too often misunderstood and punished for their strengths when they should be rewarded instead. I think it is a hard thing to be in this world, a person who is both a strong person and a good person. Many weak people use their weakness to get power. An INTJ is constitutionally unable to do this. Many strong people are "players" who don't mind getting ahead without earning. They don't compete fairly on the basis of their merit. They use political cunning, deceit, any and every trick but hard work and competence. The person who is simultaneously strong and good is the person who is destined to be used - but not just used - often used without being respected. That is a tragedy. INTJs may be strong characters but they are also in need of protection.

    Maybe I'm biased, since I'm married to an INTJ. Maybe all INTJs aren't like him. Maybe there are some INTJs who play the game without honor. He's actually the only one I know IRL.

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    My older brother is an INTJ. Very cool level headed and smart guy and very appropriate and polite, we get along very well and what I like about him is that unlike my ENFJ brother, who is the one just youger than him but older than me, he does not climb up my ass trying to give me advice. My favorite thing about him is when we sit there and go off to into the theoretical realm and talk for hours about crazy ass theoretical ideas that never lead anywhere.

    This personal experience contrasts heaviely with the stuff I read from the people on most of those guys probably have some serious mental issues and/or emotional problems. I do not get along well with people that would behave the way they talk on the forums, luckily for us, those types of INTJ's probably feel cast out from society and only live on the net. I can go into more detail on my perception of those guys or my description of my relationship with my brother if you are interested.

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    My ENFP sister has a new crush. Brit actor, Laurence Fox. He's so xNTJ it's painful. And awesome. I wish she were dating him because I like having xNTJs around. We dig.

    Further more, "Sheldon" from Big Bang Theory. She has a jones for him too.
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    one of my best friends is an intj, and he is the strangest person i have ever met, next to me lol. But its why we get along so well, we have the same bizarre sense of humor. As hes the only intj i know i have limited knowledge, but from him I view INTJ's as genuinely great people who are fun to be around once you get to know them.
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    Meh, they're okay.

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    INTJ's are awesome.
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    I used to date an INTJ. I loved his insights, his abilities to get things done, and his dark mysteriousness. I loved it when his brow furrowed when he was thinking through problems, and I loved how he had all his financial goals planned out through the next decade. I loved how he planned for his corporate meetings, and how he knew to manage meetings. I loved it when he did unexpected things and became surprisingly tender. I loved how he could surprise me with things he saw that I loved, but I didn't see coming. I loved how we connected and "clicked" on a level neither of us had seen before.


    I didn't like his rudeness, his off-the-cuff remarks, or his chilly demeanor towards my friends and family. I hated that he didn't understand people, and that people weren't always going to respond to him positively; he had a HUGE problem interpreting people's emotional states. I hated how often said the wrong thing at the worst possible time. His timing *sucked.* He could be painfully honest. He also thought himself more mature than he actually was.

    What ultimately ended our relationship was a personal issue on his end, and we had the biggest fight an NT/NF could possibly have. But taking the good with the bad, I like INTJ thinkers and I like INTJs when they are mature enough to allow the feeling processes every once in a whle. I like them as a whole, and I'd date one again, and/or marry one someday.
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    Quote Originally Posted by Haphazard View Post
    Perhaps I should return the favor in the rationale?

    Do not be fooled by the friendly exterior! INFJs are the most calculating, dubious types out there...
    I N V I C T U S

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    INTJs can have one large problem and that is that they can't do what they want and be fully social.
    This is becuse all that abstract knowledge is moving them further and further from social mainstream.
    In case that they want to be more social they will have to be less abstract.
    Some INTJs think that beign less abstract in life is actually a bad thing because that can mean you didn't develop your personality in the best way.

    What I am saying is that they need a lot of time to think about things. Because that is the only way to see the big picture for what it really is.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Athenian200 View Post
    I like them, and enjoy their occasionally empathy and advice, and the unusual but sweet way they have of expressing concern. Well, at least I appreciate them as long as they're not acting like rigid, psuedo-logical, bitter, vengeful distortions of INFP's. An unfortunate number of them seem to do so. I guess it happens if they let their Fi corrupt their Te too far.
    I think I've been there, but am hopefully coming out of it.

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