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Thread: ENFPs: Managing expectations.

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    Default ENFPs: Managing expectations.

    I noticed with myself that expectations seem to be a huge part of my life, both my own and other's. Especially when I was young, being disappointed was devastating. If I was looking forward to something coming to pass, and if it didn't go quite according to my plan of how amazing it was going to be, there would be a funk afterward.

    Now, managing other's expectations seems to be the biggest thing on my mind. What I hate more than anything else is disappointing people. This is an irritating thing to feel responsible for. When people put their expectations on me, whether in what I am capable of, or even who they think I am, when I haven't made any promises, and I 'fail'... I feel double bad. I actual end up feeling betrayed by them as well as feeling a twinge for not meeting expectations.

    So, I make a great effort to not give people incorrect impressions as to what I am. I have to admit, this isn't always other's fault. I can be good at leading people to think I am what they wish I was. I wonder if these are common ENFP issues. Any other types sympathize?

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    I also hate disappointing people. A part of what I have learned is not to say yes to things I can't actually do well, based on time or other factors.
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    Not an ENFP but I completely relate.

    Maybe I am mistyped.
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