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Thread: ENFP Subtypes: which one are you?

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    Quote Originally Posted by Elfboy View Post
    my point remains, I believe many ENFPs will relate more to the Fi subtype (though, naturally, more ENFPs will relate to the ENFP-Ne description more). personally, I relate to the Fi subtype more because compared to most ENFPs I
    - am more prone to anger
    - have a much more intense personality (the stereotypical ENFP has a temperament like a puppy, which, though I think that's wonderful, it ain't me lol)
    - operate at a a much slower pace (most of the ENFPs I know love to run multiple protects at once and keep their schedules booked)
    - need more time alone (ENFPs as a whole need more time alone than most extroverts, but Fi subtype ENFPs need even more)
    - have a much more convicted, gut based energy as opposed to the more quick, mental energy of most ENFPs (Fi is a very gut based function
    - more private, enjoy a smaller number of friends, feel exhausted having to keep up socially with large groups of people
    it's not just me and it's definitely not because of my enneagram (I'm a 7w6, they're sooo much more ENFP-Ne-ish as a whole lol). I've noticed a sizable minority of ENFPs (I would guess about 25-40% but i can't be sure) related to these same traits and were much more

    the reason I thought up this theory is because I noticed that, with each of the types (particularly ENFP) their seems to be an obvious split between those who are more comfortable with their first function and those who call on their second function more and often times the two groups can have drastically different demeanors, behaviors and internal states. for instance, compare ENFPs like Ellen Degeneres, Robert Downy Jr and Robin Williams with ENFPs like Anne Frank, Oscar Wilde and Darth Vader. the differences/similarities are obvious (light, humorous, sociable and higher energy vs intense, expressive, passionate and more of a reserved streak). I'm not trying turn this into a typological law or anything (even if it did turn into something like that, it would still need to be much more refined, this is just the basic idea), but looking across all 16 types, I see the same prominent divide between those who would fall into the dom/aux subtype, so I thought the basic idea was worth mentioning (though, at a function level, two ENFPs are always going to be very similar on a cognitive level, hence, this is only a subtle subdivision)

    in terms of functions
    the ENFP-Ne's function strength might look like
    - Ne>Fi>Te>Si
    or perhaps
    - Ne>Te>Fi<Si

    while the ENFP-Fi's function strength might look like
    - Fi>Ne>Te>Si
    - Ne=Fi>Te>Si
    At first glance, your theory seems far fetched, yet I have to admit, it rings true. The other ENFPs I meet are far more... puppy-like (totally stealing that =P ) than I am. I saw a youtube video of another ENFP who seems to match ENFP-Fi subtype, and our similarities were startling. The other ENFP videos almost make me feel that I mistyped, yet I do recognize cognitive similarities. Moreover, I would argue that other types display the subtype phenomenon, though I would be wary of attempting to define them.
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    i totally feel like a puppy...most of the time
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    I am way too serious to be a puppy.


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