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Thread: ENFP's in movies

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    I went and saw 'Chronicle' the other day against my better judgement. Went into it with pretty low expectations so I was pleasantly surprised that the movie wasn't terrible.

    More than that though, one of the main characters is an ENFP. At first I figured I was just projecting. But its painfully obvious by the end of the movie exactly what he is.

    Saw alot of myself in the character too. Well, from a long time ago. Odd to see him try to 'relate' to other people with stuff they just don't care about. He's got enough social awareness to know what not to do but in the end just can't keep all those S's interested. Or not wondering why he is different. (before he starts throwing stuff with his brain. He still makes ENFP decision when that happens.)

    And when that does happen he has the same ENFP 'I learned a skill, can do what I want to do with it, not going to bother with it anymore" mentallity.

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    The purpose of making the title ENFP's in movies and not, "ENFP In chroncile!"" was I figured it would be better if other people had examples of characters. Since maybe they haven't seen that movie.

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    Captain Jack Sparrow from Pirates of the Caribean is an ENFP.

    I don't know if thats a good thing or not. But he's already trying to figure out Will Turner in their first encounter in the blacksmith shop. Almost every question he asks another character is trying to figure them out. He can't choose logic over feeling decisions even if he tries really hard and almost all of his plans are a display of extraverted intuition.

    Edit: This also makes him a pretty terrible Pirate. He just wants to ride around in a boat and be free and be an indvidual. But if it came to actually shooting up a merchant ship to take their stuff he'd never do it.

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