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Thread: Are you competitive?

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    I'm highly competitive. I trained for a 10 k and only got my time down to about 52 minutes - day of the race I finished in 45 xD
    Why? Because there were people to pass! And gosh darn it, none of them were going to pass me once I'd passed them!

    I have high standards for myself, but I do best when I have other people to compete against. The more challenging the competition, the better.

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    I am mostly competitive with myself. I don't really enter alot of competitions or contests but yet I silently compare myself to others alot. More than I think is psychologically healthy sometimes. I don't have to be number one but I feel a need to at least be on par with my peers. The more time and effort I invest in something, the more intense these feelings are. So, I feel a need to do at least as well in my career as the next person but in some area in life I hardly spend time on and have little interest in, like cooking, I'm not too bothered that most are better than me.

    I really find it difficult to deal when I've given something my full effort and still fall short compared to the majority of other people. I like playing video games, yet I know I suck big time at them. I know success in video games is hardly indicative of success in real life. If anything, there may be a negative correlation since people who spend a bunch of time playing video games, probably aren't spending as much time doing something more 'productive.' Yet, somehow it really bothers me when I've practiced hard at a game and others can beat the game in considerably less time and with less game overs than me.

    It's probably good that I don't play competitive sports because the same sort of thing would happen. I've never been athletic and I have the feeling, I'd lose most of the time in spite of hard work and I'd find it difficult to deal with.

    Sometimes there are times when I don't want to be competitive, I just want to do my own thing. I resent the whole 'competitiveness' atmosphere of the job market. When job hunting, I just want to find something I enjoy and earn a big enough paycheck to earn a comfortable living. When interviewing for jobs, I just want to show that I'm competent and experienced enough with good character. Yet, to earn a job, I feel like I have to show directly or indirectly how I'm better suited for the job than all the other candidates. I hate that. It's like there's a competition where only one person wins and gets the prize (the job).

    Quote Originally Posted by animenagai View Post
    I play a lot of competitive games and I get really pissed when I lose. I think a lot of people would call me competitive, but that would only be sort of true. I'm competitive in the sense that I HATE feeling incompetent. That bitterness that comes with losing is actually a just me thinking that I'm not good enough, that I'm not special, that I will never be that guy. You know, type 4 stuff. I don't usually feel compelled to smash someone else to the ground just to feel superior.
    Not a type 4 but I completely agree with all of this.
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    I can be pretty competitive. It depends on the activity.

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    I am very competitive… Except when I lose.

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    Not really. Not going to get too elaborate, but I pretty much gave up on competition around my Jr. High/High school years. If I do do a competition, I'll just do it for fun and sike myself out to be realistic to ease the pain that I won't win.
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    Not really, not in a serious sense. I like to play and tease while during competitive things. Whenever I use to play video games as a child my friends hated that I would goofingly tease them to the point of making them mess up. Perhaps I like being a goof ball more and competitive scenes make that really easy?

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