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    Default What do you see as global truths of human interactions?

    What do you see as global truths of human interactions?

    What global themes or patterns do you see that weave through human interactions you observe?

    How do you relate to those themes-are you a part of them or an observer of them?

    Do you feel the same themes have applied throughout history or have they changed with time, culture and increased civilization?

    (LOL, this actually isn’t mbti related-just questions I have been pondering, but is an NF topic of interest )

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    Everybody lies.
    Ground control to Major Tom

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    Every culture loves gifts.

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    Within every society, no matter how opressed the people, someone will always make a stand.
    We are creatures that crave interaction (mostly) and development.
    We strive for innovation and are on a continual journey of discovery.
    I'd like to see how evolution of the mind pans out, how long our planet will last, weather we will make it to another planet/s.
    What is beyond our farthest reach and what lies past the grasp of immagination.
    "We knew he was someone who had a tragic flaw, that's where his greatness came from"

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    Quote Originally Posted by Billy View Post
    Everybody lies.

    Very good and, of course, true.

    In all my years, that's to say life experience, theorising and studies/academic research I've found that:-

    - Attachment theory is the greatest explanation of individual and social development and attachment seeking behaviour accounts for 99.9% of human behaviour.

    - Basic anxiety, arising from parental/maternal/carer deprivation or hostility, I believe accounts in a big way for the origins of most, if not all, anti-social or social fail thinking and behaviour.

    - Humans are remarkably resilient, they have the capacity to overcome any difficult beginnings, deficits or damage. Although those very things can make further difficulty and deficit more likely, the physical-psychological, stimulation-relaxation loops are all eschew.

    - Trauma has been known all through human history and is global too, however the physical and psychological changes which are meant to assist when overcoming a temporary fix, in order to ensure survival, can also make further crisis and trauma likely. Especially if you're already vulnerable as a consequence of the deficits I mentioned already.

    - Spontaneous recovery from trauma, adaptation and copeing strategies are universal, although most innovations and traditions fall short of perfect responses, they're as diverse as the humans who people the earth.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Lightyear View Post
    Every culture loves gifts.
    Ah yes, gift relationships and the concept of the gift are universal too.

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