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Thread: I always wanted to be famous (infp)

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    Being famous would suck.

    OTOH, I might not be so different, if I got REALLY famous. I remember watching some show with the drummer from Motley Crue.. Tommy Lee.. and he was talking about how he rarely leaves his house. That it's not even close to as exciting as some would think. He's bought everything he could possibly need, and puts it in his house. And then never leaves. Because he can't leave anyways.. life in the outside for him is a hassle.

    So taking that into account, he's just doing what I'm doing - and I've done half the work. I've got everything I need too (more or less), and the outside is already a hassle as it is. And I didn't have to be a rockstar to accomplish this.

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    Quote Originally Posted by KDude View Post
    So taking that into account, he's just doing what I'm doing - and I've done half the work. I've got everything I need too (more or less), and the outside is already a hassle as it is. And I didn't have to be a rockstar to accomplish this.
    But...but...what about all the groupies?

    Edit : And of course this is Tommy Lee who was married to Pamela Anderson... He has reasons to stay at home in bed
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    To me, being famous is a necessary evil. I want to be a writer. I want to write all day, not just in the few minutes I pilfer from the weekends when I should be resting. A full-time job means to me: a job that's exhausting enough so you need at least your whole weekend to recuperate. I have this impression jobs are tailored in order to keep you from being creative. I want to be creative all day, damnit. I have a thousand ideas and by the time I'm ready with them, I'll have a million more. If being famous is necessary, well give me that stupid fame and let me write!
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    Anew Leaf


    Quote Originally Posted by i need attention View Post
    "thinks about what you said" mmm

    not sure what to think... hmm

    I really thought eminem was an infp... i read that a long time ago on some mbti website... there must be alot of false predictions about who is what out there on these sites... every socionics website or mbti or whatever lists so and so as this and this person as whatever....
    Well, if it's on the Internet, then it must be true!

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    i just want to be rich and succsessful..i think a fun way to do that would be through fame of some sort...

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    ...maybe you could accomplish something worthwhile (earn your money & fame)?? Consider it.

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    Being famous is a lot of work. The more people want you, the less personal life you have; it's really not desireable.
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    I used have fanatasies like that. Like Tullulah, I recognized it was more about recognition of talent/contributions than actual fame. i'd go Britney Spears on Y'all if every one wanted to know about my private life.
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    I can't say I necessarily ever wanted to be famous, per say but the thought of achieving something of great meaning and value has appealed to me a lot. This has been something since I was small, I always wanted to do something, but I am not sure what it is yet but something to make a big difference in the world and for the better.

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    Being famous with music has always appealed to me. In general, I'd rather not be the center of attention. However, I'd make an exception with that.

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