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Thread: INFP or INTP

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    My best friend is an INTP. He is very in his head. I mean, he's social when he wants to be but he'd rather bury his head in books. Mental stimulation is most important to him. He's also someone who can think of the big picture, while most can't. He's also a devops engineer [aka programmer]. I know several INTPs that are engineers. Not sure if it's because of the scope of their thoughts and internal thinking...but I find them fascinating. But yeah like others have said, being good at math and science is not type related.
    "Don't complicate my piece of mind."
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    I am more attracted to the arts, math comes very easily and science i like certain subjects like meteorology. I think art is more of a challenge to me and i am more visual too.

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    Oh I see you are starting high school. I might say that I was on the math team. I'm not saying I was close to being the best, but I did travel around a compete with my high school.

    My sister is much more "F" that me, and did much better in math.

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    DUDE, YOU'RE AN INFP! Thinking is a tertiary function, that we use, and just because you like math and science, don't mean squat.
    Us INFPs love to find out about the world around us and how it works, so definitely INFP dude-bro

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    INFP, your interests have nothing to do with type. I'm an INxP of sorts and I hate math.

    Of course it is happening inside your head, but why on earth should that mean that it is not real?
    -J.K. Rowling, Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows

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    Hi I am also an INFP, but with an INTP as a close second (I'm about 55% feeling vs 45% thinking).

    I think its ok to be one type with the other type as a secondary type and recognise that you have elements of both.
    In fact I think its a good thing!

    I say this because reading some of the INTP comments sometimes they communicate like aliens like so much logic you don't know they're a person (sorry INTPs but you know I must have some INTP because if I was pure INFP I wouldn't say that because I would be too afraid of offending you!)

    But anyway I will say that my INFP/ INTP mix plays out like this.

    My first job was a researcher. Then a policy analyst. Now I work in PR with a heavy emphasis on writing and editing. Hence the mix of science/ analytical and writing/ expressive.

    At school I did pretty well in maths but my best subjects were English and History (interesting as history is a mix of research/ analysis plus argument and writing skills).

    I am pretty easy going and my performance reviews say I am a good team player. But the things I am willing to be argumentative about are when I think the facts are being misrepresented or misconstrued or that someone is being treated unfairly or there is something unethical happening. In which case I tend to argue both logically and from my heart.

    I think thinking someone is 'pure' something is a little simplistic, we are all a big mix of different influences. If everyone was just one type then there would be only 16 personalities in the world and there are many shades of each personality type making for a rich and colourful world out there!

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