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Thread: non-"artsy" INFP's

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    Artsy is creative? Creative, yes. Artsy... Not visually (per se). I act, but it isn't spatial in the usual sense of the word. When it comes to drawing, painting, etc... I suck.

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    I definitely agree with the idea that "artsy" does not mean artistic talent. It's more of an attitude you exude & a way of looking at the world. You may not have any talent, but you appreciate art, or see things from an artistic angle.

    I think non-creative INFPs would be a lot more unusual than non-artsy ones too. My mom told me once she can't imagine me in a job that is not creative, but she didn't say "artistic". I would agree with her; I don't need to be making art, and frankly I'm probably a mediocre artist anyway, but I do need to be creative. You can be creative in almost anything, but some jobs are more conducive to it than others. Outside of work (which more often than not, is just a way to make a living), most INFPs seem to have some area they are creative in, even if just in the sense that they have an original, imaginative approach.
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    I don't belong to any art oriented group. Sometimes I do art for catharsis or to pass the time. However, I don't deliberately use art as some sort of motif in my "image". Tautology, but I'm just me. I'm analytic even towards art, sometimes to a fault. Entertaining education thrills me.

    @Scott N Denver, you may already know this, but art can be used to cultivate a zen attitude. @Vasilisa and perhaps @senza_tema know.

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    Creative is what people call me.....Whilst I do paint and draw when the need takes me, I always thought of myself more of a writer. Also have that spiritual be honest the two states aren't that far from each other. I think that may come from my slightly detached manner.
    However I'm a scientist and lab tech by profession, and if all goes well in four years time I will be clinical psychologist, so arty isn't the first description of either profession. Analytical more like.
    Which is the first word most long time friends use to describe me. I guess the art and the writing is an extention of that.
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    I don't really relate to the label of artsy either. I'm red/green colorblind so I have a biological disadvantage for drawing/painting as well as a severly impaired sense of style as a result of that. I do appreciate most forms of art, but I don't think my appreciation is greater than average in most cases (beautiful music is an exception to that whcih has a very powerful affect on me).

    Overall, I relate more to the "mystical", and "geek" lables that often get assigned to INFJs and xNTxs
    My cognitave functions seem to make it hard to be anything other than an INFP, but I think to the outside world, I often look more like an INFJ (at least if social graces are not an issue ). Geeky Mystic would be a lable I would not object to.
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