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Thread: NFs & Career Struggle

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    Default NFs & Career Struggle

    Have you ever struggle with getting stuck in choosing a career path?

    I thought this is more of an issue for most ENFPs and INFPs. Though I'm not sure if INFJ also suffer from this.

    Recently, I realized that pursuing advertising career just isn't the proper direction for me. Not only I didn't have the adequate skills but also I wasn't thinking realistically about my chances at all.

    Though the more I look into job descriptions, the more lost I felt. I just didn't know which industry I should focus on hunting as my mind tends to shift from one industry to another. I suppose I'm very lost in finding where my passion lies. It's sad and scary at the same time.

    Have you ever experienced this? I swear this is the most confusing stage in my life right now as I've never experience such deep depression before. I thought the judging function among INFJs are more inclined to set and focus a direction in stead of scattering around. I'm just feeling stuck and directionless now.

    I wonder if this is a common trait among NFs?

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    I'm facing this frustration right now. I think it's especially difficult for IN's to find a career because most of the occupations out there are tailored for extroverts and sensors. INFJ's particularly, demand meaningful work, which doesn't help.

    I think I'm coming to a point in my life where I'm okay with working a "mediocre" job. People these days insist you need that white collar job, as though you're a failure without it. But just because someone doesn't pursue one, doesn't mean they have no ambition or they can't enjoy a lower end job. I really do think people these days expect too much out of their work. I used to be one of them. But there's no shame in working just to make a living. Right now, I'll just be happy to find work that I don't hate and that gives me full time hours.
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    NF/SF, its all semantics

    Yes. Having worked in Retail, Banking and for a Social Enterprise/Charity, these roles i have just fallen into. I wish i knew where i was going career wise but i try and count my blessings in that i have been fortunate to work with people.

    I take the notion that a lot can be said for transferrable skills, or maybe i'm kidding myself.

    Those who seem to know from an early age which particular role they'd like to go into baffles me because how can one know for certain that they'll even like that kind of job nevermind still at it for the rest of their working lives.

    I will continue to drift until i hopefully find something i excel at and stick with it.
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    I wrestle with this quite a bit as well. I feel I will always be searching for the career which is the 100% match, but at some point...I must make a choice and hope that it's closest to the direction I wish to head and that it will be work that keeps me interested and motivated.
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    I had that feeling when a quarter life crisis hit. I did some serious searching, got 3 sessions of counseling for career help a few times and started volunteering. A few years down the road now I am finishing graduate school and around people I like and have passion for their careers. My advice, it takes lots of time and trying on different vocations and the people who work in them. There is no quick fix but hey, being an NF the search was half of the meaning and purpose right? :-)
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    My ENFP friend had a lot of trouble deciding what she wanted to do when we first got to college. She started out optometry, then went secondary education with english, then pre-med pediatrics, then psychology, but now she's back at secondary english education. She is incredibly indecisive when it comes to make up her mind for herself. I had similar problems in regards to a career path, but mine was more not wanting to pick one thing because I want to do EVERYTHING and hers was more an inability to find anything she really wanted to do.

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    Oh, absolutely. I've worked in all kinds of roles - admin, transport, education, social services, retail, photography (to a lesser extent). Hell, I even did warehouse work for a bit! I'm currently working in IT and promised myself that if I couldn't find anything else before I hit 26, I'd continue in IT.

    I'm 26 next month... and therefore continuing in IT by studying my arse off. Not before I endlessly toyed with the idea of psychology, of course. I even started studying it but then decided academia wasn't for me... so tried to get a job in travel, but couldn't as I have no experience within that sector.

    My eyes. They bleed.

    Ultimately, I've had to remind myself that I'm still in my twenties and y'know, I'm doing alright in IT so I may as well continue. Unfortunately, I like material things so I need to earn lots of money ;/

    One day I'll start up a company. Until then, I'm venturing into the property market with my dad and seeing what IT brings. It's bloody hard work being an NF xP

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    I think it turns into a struggle when NFs associate "career" with "identity", which many are apt to do. I find I am more at ease with what I do for a living when I view it as just that. It's not WHO I am, but just something I do to make money.

    There are still hurdles of wanting to do work I enjoy, am relatively good at, & can "believe" in, because being under-stimulated mentally at work or overwhelmed with something you're not cut out for can take its toll, even if you don't make the work your identity.
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