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Thread: Seeing the best in people

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    Have you checked into the "Pygmalion Effect?"

    Watch the movie "My Fair Lady" to get a great crash course on it...

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    Having a few mins to think about this more indepth, i am grateful for those who have entered my life and showed me that humanity can be kind and considerate etc but has also helped me understand those who are in pain and acting out. It's not a direct attack on me per se (or maybe it is) but rather a feeling within themselves that doesn't quite add up.

    It's a quality i enjoy having and moreso i enjoy sharing that quality with those close to me.

    Quote Originally Posted by Halla74 View Post

    Have you checked into the "Pygmalion Effect?"

    Watch the movie "My Fair Lady" to get a great crash course on it...

    As always, thank you darling for your input. Wiki is awesome. I think possibly the flip side to pygmalion effect is that one may think too much pressure has been put upon them to achieve so resents the very person who helped/assisted them to achieve some form of awesomeness.

    My Fair Lady .. On the 'to do list'
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    I sort of claim to be cynical about human nature, and tend to have a dark view overall of people's selfishness, etc. But in practice, I often trust too much, and can also do the "putting on pedestal" thing etc. ALthough, that is mainly in the area of romance. I don't do it too much with friends, so I have fewer problems in my friendships...

    The main things I'm trying to do are to be realistic, to not have expectations which are too high or too low, and to not get overly invested in people or overly attached especially when there is some doubt as to their motives. Just being cautious and keeping some distance.

    I do think that people have a lot of potential for good in them, but they tend to swing toward selfishness - it's easier and feels better in the short-term, I guess.
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    I am a little backwards.. I see the best in people, I'm not cynical about them as individuals, and humans as a whole... I see as beautiful - both light and dark, I need to have the balance of that.

    That all being said, while I see the best, I don't really rely on or trust many people. I just don't click with enough of them on the level I crave, and while I like them and see them as 'good' I don't trust them with me, my thoughts or feelings. So while I see the good, I'm not naive or too trusting, and in reality I've probably lost out on some good friends by being too closed off. It's something I'm working on, it's a newer realization of mine, and as such is a work in progress.
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