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Thread: NF personalities and the so-called "head orgasms"

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    I used to have the head orgasms every once and a while. Now that I have a crap job, that pays really good, this mind of mine doesn't get stimulated like it used to...
    You have them when you experience a certain type of information.
    This sensation is just like its older sibling the regular orgasm as in, I know how to get them but masturbation can only go so far.
    I know how to get the stimulation going but the feeling is so niched that its damn near impossible to experience it anymore.

    Quote Originally Posted by UniqueMixture View Post
    On a related note, does anyone else experience "sprites"? It's like individual pixels that flow visually with relative motion between objects? They're very pretty and beautiful, like a piece of music.

    Also, extra-dimensionality of objects?
    I'll quote you.
    Quote Originally Posted by UniqueMixture View Post
    I've never heard of this! It sounds fucking fascinating and I want to experience it!
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    I don't know. I get physical sensations when I experience or note certain things. But, I can't say they feel like the OP says. I can't also say that they are triggered by the same things, or even the same class of things. My most notable sensations happen when I see something that fills in a piece of some puzzle that my subconscious is working on. Or at least that's my theory. I get a feeling of resolution and sensation of elevation.

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    I was wondering if this had been written about on the forum.

    There are all kinds of ASMR videos on youtube now, I like them not only for the the sensation, but they help put me to sleep. (though the sounds don't do it as much as the visuals for me - I mean tapping fingernails just annoys me.)

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    Is this just an NF thing? Because I experience that all the time. And I know I'm not an INFJ because of my low Fe, and I know I'm not an INFP because of my low Ne - I do have well developed Fi though.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Redbone View Post
    Wow...I shouldn't try and communicate in a post-migraine state. Re-read this and it sounds totally nutty.
    I was going to say it sounds like a migraine (or at least the neurological patterns associated with migraine). Which is not exactly an orgasmic experience.
    But NFs are weird, so..
    Quote Originally Posted by Ivy View Post
    Gosh, the world looks so small from up here on my high horse of menstruation.

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    OP spelled "cases" wrong.

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    Interestingly, ESFJ boy gets this frequently. Possibly related is that he's e9w1.

    I do not.

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    *necro post*

    Am I using that term properly? Anyway, I went searching through the forums to see if anyone has covered this before (I was considering starting a thread, and still might), and just wanted to say that I think chills from music and asmr are different. I'm sure there's overlap, but I don't think it's quite the same. (Also, ftr, don't think it's type-related. It might be an F-thing, based on my impressions of the people who make asmr videos on YouTube).

    My triggers: Sometimes this weird regular at my bookstore will corner me and start droning on about his crazy quantum physics theories (Deepak Chopra stuff), and something about it hypnotizes me, and I get all head-tingly, even though I would probably normally hate this person. It's just like the intensity of his expression or something.

    Or I'll watch someone carefully printing their name and my brain goes off. Takes me by complete surprise. A few of my female coworkers set it off, but I'm not attracted to a lot of them, so I don't think it's a sex thing. It's almost like my brain is malfunctioning. I feel guilty that I am getting this incredible physical sensation from banal interaction, and they have no clue.

    Sometimes, if I get in the right frame of mind I can activate the tingling on my own.

    Musical/Artistic tingling, those peak moment tingles, just feel way different than the asmr stuff I get.

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    Dunno if it's type-related.

    I'm not an NF, and I have never experienced this. I mean, I can get goosebumps from exciting music, and get that horrible (anti?) ASMR nails-on-a-blackboard feeling, but not this. Cool, though.

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    I've experienced these before. I don't think it's type related per se. I do think that some types are more willing to share these experiences and explore them.

    When I was a child one of my favorite things to do was to get my mom to make a bologna sandwich and get some fritos along with a glass of koolaid and go park myself wherever there were men at work, repairing or constructing something. Doing this would give me those "in the zone" feelings. My mind would get all imaginative and I'd make up all kinds of make believe scenarios of the what/why of their efforts.

    Dario Nardi has done some research related to the subject. MBTI types and when they get into the zone using EEG. The in the zone feeling is when your entire brain lights up AND all at the same frequency. There is a video on YouTube of him discussing this. I'm posting from my phone so you'll have to find it yourself

    P.S. this post cost me 29% power

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