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Thread: What is the (Practical) Purpose of INFPs?

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    What's practical changes in each person you meet, so there isn't really a definite answer. But there are plenty of things that would normally be considered practical that INFPs can do/ apply themselves to. Common careers known for us are therapists, novelists, teachers (especially kindergarten); the insightful jobs. Just look at the INFP strengths and see where they could help society. And remember that just because a career/job isn't focused on the whole country or world (like a politician or government workers), doesn't mean it isn't practical. If it helps something or somebody, it is practical, thus it has purpose.

    One more note: Yes, that even means artists have purpose; I mean of course they do! Their drawings and images fascinate the everyday body and on occasion, teach life lessons. In a metaphorical sense, they are the ENFP to a distraught INTJ.
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    The difference between gov't work and non-gov't work is money - that is all (has nothing to do with practicality). In most cases I believe non-govt work is much more personally fulfilling to an INFP.

    I suppose I was reading between the lines with the original post - that practical meant marketable, meaning something us INFPs could actually make enough money to pay off our student loans . That's where our career choices get a bit more difficult, IMO, especially since most of us are so idealistic we will chase a dream and not pay attention to how finance that dream practically.

    ....says the unemployed seminary student who formerly had a stable government career.

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    INFP make good things to talk about on the internet. Why do you want to be practical? Are you really an isfp? Well? Are ya?

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    INFPs are good for psychology practicals?
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    Quote Originally Posted by wolfy View Post
    INFP make good things to talk about on the internet. Why do you want to be practical? Are you really an isfp? Well? Are ya?
    Suffering in a minimum wage job for many years with dim looking prospects in a job market ever watched and dominated by less than impressed SJ can drive a poor INFP to suicide.......or to want to become a bit more practical.

    If we were practical we could perhaps work for ourselves and in doing so, make our own happiness. Being told what to do 40 hours a week when numerous rules and regulations seem to lack any notion of purpose or reason is such a drag.

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