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Thread: NFPs, do you have weird body language?

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    Yes, I truly do. I have a lot of nervous energy, I move in a fidgety way, and the more energized I get, the wackier I move. I'll be telling a story, and as I start getting laughs, my body language becomes more and more animated and dramatic. My speech also becomes rapid and colourful as well. My manager once half-jokingly told me that I "abuse inflection". People often have to tell me to slow down or to stop bouncing/fidgeting/whatever. When I have an audience, and I notice I'm moving in a funny way, I will parody myself, in a sort of self-deprecating way, exaggerating my movements. It's half unconscious though. I have some control over it once I notice I'm doing it, which is usually when I notice people reacting to it, usually in an amused way, sometimes in a scornful way.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Seymour View Post
    The ENFPs I know tend to play up their body language and gestures to amusing affect. One I know can be almost a caricature of herself... I almost see her tune her body language (and tone of voice, etc) to amuse the particular people she's interacting with. She doesn't seem unnatural or stiff doing so, but almost like she's emphasizing her own quirkiness to get the ball rolling socially. At times, it can seem like she's a comedian doing an entertaining schtick for an audience.
    = hiding in plain sight.

    I learned a long time ago that my body language is off somehow, which caused a lot of trouble. I learned to overdo my behavior, as I wasn't able to curb it without feeling unhappy, as a way to a) convey the message that the behavior is not to be taken seriously or responded to, b) entertain others, c) hiding my true self in plain sight as a self-defense mechanism and a test for the people around me.

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    Yeah... I think so, nobody has ever commented on it, though. I also think I have the tendency to be a bit intense in one on one conversation, facial expressions, eye contact, etc.

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    it has been commented on a lot by lots of people yeah.
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    My god.

    You xNFPs are adorable.

    More specifically the INFPs.

    You're all just so fucking cute that I could cuddle you all like you're bunnies!
    I have a (new) blog here.

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    i'm really fidgety and have a lot of little nervous habits, like playing with my hair and rubbing my fingers. sometimes i'll become really conscious of my arms and have no idea what to do with them. i'm just physically awkward. i've been told i have a really expressive face, i can't really control it. especially my "judging you" face.

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