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Thread: Do You Have a Strange Sense of Humor?

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    I have a broad sense of humor and I can get a bit weird with it. I can see something funny in almost everything. I don't like overly offensive stuff. A bro tried to pass the "how many jews can you fit in a car" joke on me and I didn't find that at all funny. People who think they're edgy just because they can joke about holocaust victims and raping babies irritate me.
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    I tend to dwell in irony, sarcasm, wit, and black humour (why not have a little smile even in the bad times?). As well, I build up complex jokes sometimes that only make sense to me quite a lot of times; I've been told I have a childish imagination after making one such joke.

    Of course, I have my limits: I hardly ever joke about terrible things (dead baby jokes) or insult people who I think deserve respect.
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