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Thread: ENFJs and INFPs as good thinkers?

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    Angry ENFJs and INFPs as good thinkers?

    Since these types both have an "inferior" fourth thinking function, does this mean they're pretty strong in thinking? Since this fourth function is the motivation of each type, I would think the respective types would use them often.

    For example, I have met a couple of ENFJs that have a stronger thinking faculty than their INFJ counterparts who have it as a tertiary function. Their affinity for thinking can be seen when they go into business which uses more quant skills than qualitative skills. I would guess that this dual T/F is due to an easier transition from a judging function to a judging function.

    I would assume this would work on perceivers who have primary functions in N/S.

    This is a hypothesis and a idea in development

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    In my experience, Thinking definitely plays an aspirational role. My ability to use Te is limited and how I use it seems pretty specific. I don't really understand Te in me to any great extent.

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    I have an affinity for thinking, as well as an affinity for thinkers.

    I think a lot of people do, (or at least some), regardless of type.

    Or, in general, I think it is a human trait/quality to think, and aspire to think, i.e. the ability and facility to think lies somewhere in our human genome.
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    Be careful with oversimplifications of MBTI.
    The issue with the INFP's I know certainly is NOT whether they think well or not. It is what they decide to do with the outcome and how they fit that into their analysis and decisions, which is quite different from what I do as an INTP.
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    Well I think a lot, may be even too much but even. I hope that answers your question.
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    I wish my thinking worked more consistantly. It seems to come in bursts, like inspiration from no where. I have to feel for something for thinking to work well. That's hard to deal with at times. I admire Ti.

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