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View Poll Results: NFs, would you marry an atheist?

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    10 8.26%
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    4 3.31%
  • NO - I'm an INFP

    9 7.44%
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    9 7.44%
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    27 22.31%
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    7 5.79%
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Thread: NFs, would you marry an atheist?

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    Much more likely to marry someone with unset beliefs. Unlikely to marry anybody who won't move out of their mental comfort zone, so I said no. More likely to marry an agnostic.
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    I'm sure this has probably been mentioned somewhere along this thread but could the question be "Would an atheist marry you"...
    Would they (the atheists) prefer not to marry at all?
    So then the question, in that vein, could also be "Could you get an atheist to marry you?"
    I'm just thinking of the religious connection to marriage, yes we have adapted to society's requirements regarding marriage, non religious persons can also marry and there are legal benefits etc, but i'm interested in what opinions atheists hold.

    Nb...yes Nico i do realise this post is a mess but i'm too messy to tidy it up.
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    I'm spiritual but not adherent to any belief. I'm more similar to a buddhist.
    My fiance is an INTJ and an aetheist. He has other beliefs though, like in conspiracies and ghosts (!).

    I agree w/ the others, F and T have not much to do with religious belief. I know plenty of T people who are religious and F people who aren't.

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    'Twould bother me, personally. I would feel like I couldn't be completely open with her.
    I think I would just try to convince her contantly, and it would be weird.
    Sorry to get all "religious" on my first post, lol.

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    hi, im an nf

    i don`t believe there is a god, jesus, alla. I don`t find living an eternity in servitude and worship kissing Jesus balls or Allah or whatever super natural being to be appealing.

    I enjoy the company of other atheist as well
    "I'm not in this world to live up to your expectations and you're not in this world to live up to mine. "
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    no, i don't think so. spirituality is a significant part of my life and i would like to be able to agree with my husband on some fundamental issues. i would prefer him to be a christian, too - not necessarily orthodox, but still with somewhat similar views (catholic, possibly lutheran).

    it's not that i wouldn't be able to respect his choice if he believed differently, or did not believe altogether. but i think there are matters where people do need to connect, and this is one of them (to me).

    not sure that this has anything to do with my being a feeler.
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    There seems to be a significant connection with being NF and being spiritual(admittedly, not religious):

    ''dood, there's not enough data to conclude anything''
    I think you should just keep believing personality doesn't affect anything and oddly enough is useful (???). That's what being enlightened is all about.

    ''But I know a non spiritual NF! And a religious NT!''
    To state the obvious, it's a matter of probabilities and tendencies.

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