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Thread: infp's, what occupationdo you have? what do you do in your spare time?

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    22 years old: supply chain management (corporate)
    23 years old: finance (corporate)
    24 years old: accounting (corporate)
    24.5 years old: vagabond
    25 years old: ESL teacher

    Still looking for my place. Vagabond was the best yet. The corporate scene didn't jive with me and made me feel inauthentic as a person. It also forced "J", and even "S" on me.

    INFP's are prone to idealism, no secret, so quite naturally I idealized what it would be like to be an ESL teacher. Thought it would be a great way to make a difference, teach something I'm passionate about and travel. The only thing true so far is the travel! Teaching ESL is about taking something I love, the complexity of language, and simplifying and systemizing it. Essentially ripping the poetry out of it and making it math. I do enjoy the one-on-one sessions, but the rest of the time I am dealing with classroom management, paperwork, planning and administration, which has turned out to be a lot of the job. To do these things, you must be linear and task-oriented. My mind is such a mess that planning and organization literally make me break out in hives. I am beginning to see why teaching has become an SJ world!

    I don't want to sway you though. If you have a passion for it, go for it! Another important element, and the deciding factor for me against it, is that I'm not super confident in front of a big group, something I didn't know about myself, to be as effective and satisfied as I wish I were. I'm thinking of going back to vagabonding.

    Hobbies: reading, languages, making music, writing

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    I'm an architect. I usually like it except when being yelled at by insane clients. A lot of my life revolves around work (working, complaining about, recovering from).

    At one pt considered being an academic and am SO GLAD I was smart enough to see it'd be a poor fit. I hate BS and can get very impatient with people.

    When not exhausted, I love being with animals, cooking, sewing, scrabble and photography.
    I just love animals. Cats, dogs, you name it.

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    I don't have a job.
    I want to work and all, but talking to people is literally terrifying to me.

    Right now I'm studying flower arrangement, and have studied Massage Therapy, but so far none of these are clicking so far because I have to touch people or small talk with people.

    I'd love to be a psychologist, but I'm not sure I'm ready for that level of school just yet.. or the price of education..

    In my spare time right now, I read my book recommended to me by my Philosophy teacher and play the new Legend of Zelda game.. I also watch different animes and MLP. Lately ghost stories have also been an obsession.

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    Drug mule.

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