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Thread: Noboby Can Piss Me Off Quite Like An ENFP

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    Quote Originally Posted by highlander View Post
    If memory serves, this was a matter of quite contentious debate a year ago which may be why ThatGirl isn't especially interested in getting into it again or in anybody's opinions. I remember it quite well because it was one of the first threads that I read on the forum.

    Her cognitive function results are indeed consistent with INTJ.

    Cognitive Function Results - INTJs

    I can't imagine two types (ESFP and INTJ) that would be so completely different and therefore, it's hard for me to imagine how an ESFP could mistake themselves for an INTJ. As to myself, I have no idea what type she is . As a side note, I have a hard time recognizing Ni doms here and IRL, and I am one.
    From what I've seen posted by TG, she doesn't appear to see herself very clearly, hence her choices in responding to any cognitive function test might be a reflection of what she prefers to be, rather than what her natural preferences are.

    IF by any stretch of the imagination she's a Ni-dom, it's not showing up in any of her posting. When you read other Ni-dom posts, don't you get that Ni resonance? If not, take note especially when they're hotly debating. They shift like mad.

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    Actually, I recind my opinion, and I do think TG is ENTJ. I have obseved an ENTJ on the board (though male) who shows some similar traits and I had a discussion with her last night that made me realize she was doing "the NTJ thing." They can seriously calm me down sometimes in this purely rational, factual way without the effusive sympathy that an F would give.

    TG is an ENTJ.
    "Sentiment without action is the ruin of the soul." - Edward Abbey

    SEE-Fi /Gamma

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    Quote Originally Posted by ThatGirl View Post
    Lol at the typing errors.

    Okay, this is the typical interaction between myself and an ENFP:

    Normal Day....

    ENFP starts doing or saying something dumb, I start assessing whether or not it is worth correcting, and decide it is petty.

    I keep going about my business, they keep saying or doing the same thing, as confidently and oblivious as ever.

    It starts to feel like fingernails on a chalkboard to me, but I let it go...whatever.

    Then something changes, and the little thing they were doing or saying before, that wasn't a big deal, suddenly is a bigger deal. That is when the conversation starts.

    TG: Lol, I hate to point this out to you but....

    ENFP: Lol... No...*smile*

    TG: Yes, for these reasons.......See?

    ENFP: You're obviously saying that because *insert insanely evil motive or intent*

    TG: :O....What?....No. Where did you even get that from. Look..... let me explain it again, maybe in a different way....*insert what is logic and truth*

    ENFP: *Changes and suddenly takes a you vs. them stance* Well you are this, or have done this, or said this. I can see where you *insert emotionally motivated factor* so its fine.

    TG: ?...No!... I didn't, and besides that isn't the point. The point is *goes back to original point*....and don't say it is fine when the initial issue hasn't even been addressed yet.

    ENFP: Wow, I am really surprised by how you're acting.

    TG: :O *starts to wonder if ENFP is really that delusional, dumb, or just trying to win* Look it isn't worth it, just forget it, you obviously don't get it.

    ENFP: *Repeats dumb thing said,or dumb action, confidently to show me they can do whatever they want*

    TG: You're nuts, and wrong, and immature. And wrong! Don't you even care?

    ENFP: I am not going to argue with you. *Slams door*

    TG: ..... :O *speechless* .....Wow. I should have just nailed their ass the first time they fucked up. Last time I try to reason with an ENFP.

    Now, this isn't a specific scenario but outlines pretty decently the path my interactions with ENFPs take. Different levels of intensity of course.
    Notice the context independent pattern established? It is excellent btw. (Sorry I am a bit intoxicated. My apologies type entered the thread but upon TGs request for a deeper understanding of the issue-the pattern seemed fairly straightforward()

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    Quote Originally Posted by Orobas View Post
    Notice the context independent pattern established?
    But what does that mean?

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    Default on the INFJ common issues thread the issue of context dependent vs context independent problems came up. Specifically it was with Z Buck but I recall some of the other INFJs mentioning it as well. They were not keen on trying to solve problems without understanding fully the context/details of the problem. I equate the context as likely being the specific details of a given situation-an Se understanding perhaps?

    When given a generic problem with no specific details-are you comfortable giving a generic answer? (or in TGs case establishing a generic pattern that will exist between herself and ANY ENFP. I have built this same pattern she built in several threads in the past actually))

    Si rules seem to be context independent-they are generalities composed over repeated observations of the same rule? Given an unfamiliar new problem-it stalls out. Ni treats each new problem in a specific context, determining all new Se details of that person/problem, then shuffles/combines/layers all of the Ni contexts from the past to create a new custom solution for this particular problem? So Ni might be destablizing under normal, everyday, ho-hum conditions where the context is expected to be consistent and assumed universailty is okay, like in Quality assurance. You dont need to understand the specific factory to understand that ISO 9001 regulations must be implemented in a certain way. However Ni can be amazing when applied to a specific problem-where by taking the Se boundary conditions-the context- of that particular problem-Ni can view it in a whole new way and identify a new solution-I suppose based upon previously identified solutions that were built into Ni contexts from the past....(please forgive the above lack of correctness as it is sort of what I see from the outside of Ni.).

    *waits patiently for the happy dancer to deconvolute above babbled text *

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    Actually that made sense.

    Your first post did as well. Context independent as in meaning a conversation between two where the context is not united. No one hears the other.

    Context dependent, I would assume, focuses on the the content specifically as though hearing it for the first time?

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    Quote Originally Posted by ThatGirl View Post
    Actually that made sense.

    Your first post did as well. Context independent as in meaning a conversation between two where the context is not united. No one hears the other.

    Context dependent, I would assume, focuses on the the content specifically as though hearing it for the first time?
    was the bold above meant to be "content"?

    If we can work with the model of TG being an ENTP for a moment....

    I would say that your OP, to be precise, was an context independent illustration of "TG and a representative ENFP" pattern. It is context independent as it doesnt matter which ENFP, where it happens, or who they are, what exactly they say-you feel certain the same overall pattern will be seen. I'd call it an Ne pattern that you have established as an Si generalization.

    Typically an ENTP's patterns will require more precision and precise linkages than the OP-Ne to Ti, but when exhibiting moral outrage and starting a thread as an Fe request for action on your behalf-I suppose a lot more wiggle room is okay? My NeTe patterns are always this imprecise as I then refine then with Fi to make them individualized to a person-so I routinely put together patterns like your OP that have about an 80% certainty of being correct. When I read your OP-it matched my "representative ENTP and representative ENFP" pattern, thus it lead me to assume you were an ENTP.

    I suppose you are correct in the quote a context independent convo both folks are very likely to revert to the stored pattern while in a context dependent convo-they must adapt to the incoming info on the fly, thus may suffer less confusion.-a context specific convo would treat each new convo as a containing new content each time.

    As for NTJ-a lot of my ENTP friends test as INTJs or note times in the past where they felt very INTJ. You also find a large number of ENFPs who feel as though they were INFJ like when younger. For some reason I think Ne doms are very flexible in that we can adapt the Beebe shadow functions very easily under times of stress as a defensive measure. But sorry your thread turned into a typing thread.

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    I'm ENTP and I like ENFPs. The people are the problem not the type itself.

    If she actually were ENTP for a moment she would have asked herself
    1) Is it ok to blame a type because on 1 person? does it make sense?
    2) Is that girl ENFP? I noticed that whem most people type others, they think they're Ns. She might as well been ESFP.

    Which would make more sense to annoy you.
    Since you have:
    And she has

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    You're too fun to piss off, TG, it's impossible to resist *smacks your ass*

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