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Thread: Seducing an INFP

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    This is old, but might as well give advice for others. Be yourself. If the person likes what he or she sees then it'll naturally go the way it's supposed to. That's how I'd want someone to be, but then again, I'm hardly experienced in the romance department :P
    For you, R.I.P. will always stand for "Return if possible" to me.

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    Be personal. My favourite subjects to talk about are: myself and the other person I'm speaking with. Dig deep and get to know him on a more intense level and let him do the same.
    My sister is an ENFP and we're very close. What I like most about her is that she understands me and she is like a roller coaster. Take him for a wild ride.

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    Not to be glib, but I've always found connecting with INFPs to be pretty easy. My problem with them has more typically been how ultimately to maintain proper boundaries as the bonding can be so all-consuming. What works with INFPs is authenticity. They come from a very raw place, and showing that you're unafraid to meet them where they live can go an awful long way. They also like someone who takes initiative, which has never been a problem for me. Putting yourself out there creates a safe space for them to do the same. Then it's all one long dreamy weavy together to the bedroom.

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