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Thread: enfp loop and slamming mumbo jumbo

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    Quote Originally Posted by Esoteric Wench View Post
    OK, is your hotel really on fire? Wow! Hope you're OK. (If this is some hip, urban phrase for something else, I'm gonna be really embarrassed.)
    oh, no, dude it was totally on fire! I am visiting new york in a tiny little town called Pearl River.

    The heater on the roof started flaming so six firetrucks came up and they evacuated the building. The man I am here working with was getting the shower and decided to ignore the alarms. Eventually he got out of the shower, got dressed, just as they turned the alarms back on and let us back in. He could have died if it had been a real fire. By the time it was put out I had to go visit my customer, so couldnt come back and reply.

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    lol glad you and your co-worker are okay...
    "Sentiment without action is the ruin of the soul." - Edward Abbey

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    Go Fire!!! woo-hoo!!

    So-I didnt get to finish the first post.


    If an ENFP draws a Te boundary that is Fi motivated and you keep pushing them, you get incinerated. There appear to be two ways this is done-

    a) the Fi emo vomit-basically the enfp throws massive amounts of emo pain at you in an attempt to make the other person feel how much pain they are in thus retreat. This makes sense if Fi can be thought of as an emo mirror. You hurt me and thus I will externalize my pain, to force you to empathasize and feel that pain-thus back off.

    b) The Incinerative bitchslap-This is an event of catastrophic proportions. The enfp has been pushed too far back and now vomits Fi pain combined with razor sharp, precision insults and hatred. Words and phrases that normally never even are part of normal vocabulary become scalpels of sharply honed destruction to cut the other person as much as possible. The state isnt planned really, but is more like a volcanic eruption.

    Notice-the*precision*-Ti perhaps? The ENFPs say they often regret the aftermath and almost feel like they were someone else as this occurs. This feeling of someone else is pretty typical of the jungian complex. Jung describe complexes as portions of our unconscious (shadow functions) being used in combination to protect our ego (dom-aux) during periods of intense stress. The complex acts like a mini personality to step up and shelter the ego.

    I suppose the TeSi boundaries in an ENFP can be thought of as a psuedo shadow complex.

    I am certain that the above Fi vomit and Incinerating bitchslap are examples of Jungian complexes, likely involving really nasty aspects of out Fe/Ti shadow functions being externalized.

    However Jung didnt say complexes were a get of jail card for being a douchebag or being an emo puker. What Jung said was that we have to learn to recognize the complex as being part of our unconscious that rises up out of control. Before we can control it, we have to understand what it is.

    In this thread you see examples of ENFPs speaking of learning to control the TeSi boundary setting aspect of our unconsciousness as we learn to use Te and Si more effectively with age. At 20 we may just get all emo and bossy, but by 30, we typically externalize and set Te boundaries with a bit more wisdom. So by recognizing those shadow aspects of ourselves we learn to use them and control them productively.

    I dont know how much we can ever learn to control the incineration and the true emo externalization-those beebe shadow complexes, I presume-maybe instead just learn to see them coming and learn to retreat and regroup???

    The TAKE HOME LESSON-IF THE ENFP REQUESTS SPACE AND TIME>>>LEAVE THEM ALONE. Respect the Te boundary because you care about the enfp, then later, once the enfp has settled, then broach the subject again.

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    Quote Originally Posted by freeeekyyy View Post
    Obviously, I'm not an ENFP, but the concept doesn't make much sense to me. I've definitely observed the behavior in ENFPs, but is it really Te? If Fi is what's been violated, why would Te react? Te doesn't really care whether it's liked or not, only that it's able to achieve it's goals. It's not a personal function, which to me makes the idea of a "Te bitchslap" pretty nonsensical. It's more likely an outward manifestation of Fi than Te doing the "bitchslapping."
    What this feels like from the inside-it feels as though Te is being used to accomplish Fi goals. Thus Te is totally a tool, just as it is a tool for Ni in INTJs. However Te can be a very strong, powerful force.

    In another way, Fi can decide that logic is the best way to achieve Fi goals-ie Te efficiency/logic/structure becomes an Fi value-however this may be when enfps state opinion as fact-we "believe" in the Fi sense, our Te solution to be true.

    Also, we can just Te in isolation, although this doesnt seem to be energetically favorable for very long. Te being used in the service of Si perhaps.

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    You know how you're not making clear distinctions between mechanisms? And how more particularly you're mixing up the content of concepts by using suggestive labels without much explanation? And how you've even on a few occasions directly misdescribed concepts, "Te can be a very strong, powerful force" for example (as if logic that aims to be mechanical and impersonal is motivating in the same way inner feeling is, nudge nudge)? Yeah, that's how much Te is being used here.

    Stupid pattern matching isn't Te. It's propagandized Ne.

    And the Panty Wave is incinerative now? ENFP Strikes Back has powerups.
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    Ne is extroverted intuition. As such it is focused on the external world. I'll say the definition of "external" is "whatever isn't viewed as internal". "Viewed as" makes the difference for such arcane doings as reflecting upon oneself: one can use Ne on oneself so long as one looks at oneself, or the parts or experiences of oneself, in mechanical or objectified terms.

    Now, whatever the hell it is Ne does or is or produces for the person, it is objective. It is bound by its focus to respect the world. It would seem indeed that intuition finds its path by perceiving that structure.

    Thus, why are you all wasting your time asserting your competence with extroverted thinking? Are you under the impression that your dominant function isn't very perceptive of structures and meanings?

    Fine, whatever. There is no ruling Te out of the FP personality. There is however such a thing as not knowing what you're genuinely good at and where it comes from. This thread needs more Victor.
    Bellison uncorked a flood of horrible profanity, which, translated, meant, "This is extremely unusual."

    Boy meets Grr

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