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Thread: Ted Mosby is an INFP?

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    Quote Originally Posted by Forever View Post
    Ah thank you. Didn't realize we were talking about a fictional character.
    Actually I think they typed the real-life actor, whereas Ted Mosby may actually be an INFP. I'm just inclined to believe that actors play their own personalities, no matter what the character is. I have seen this with many actors and actresses. Although I might be imagining things.
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    Quote Originally Posted by Rebe View Post
    My original thought is ISFJ. He strikes me as traditional in his ideals and conservative in manners. What kind of a Perceiver, Ne-aux sticks with one vision of the future. Also, what kind of an INFP would remember everything in excrucating detail? I don't even remember what I had for lunch yesterday. My Si is god-awful. It could be just the show idea and has nothing to do with this character but ... it's something to take into consideration. He's hard to type. He could be INFP, but to me, he's more likely ISFJ. ISFJs can be very dreamy, very perfectionist, enjoys poetry and fancy-classy hobbies/interests. They want stability, someone to love, and take their commitments very seriously. I see INFPs as more flimsy, more dreamy, more out-there, more uncertain about the future and what they want. Our Fi-Ne constantly takes in information and is thrilled by possibilities. Ted is rigid in planning out what he wants. My close friend is ISFJ and we are similar in some ways. It's hard to say who Ted is fundamentally.
    I would say he was more of an INFJ. His extreme focus on one future vision for himself screams dominant Ni.
    Also he seems to have inferior Se. He occasionally goes wild with Barney and goes to strip clubs or something like that.

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