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Thread: Can ENFPs & ENFJs have great relationships?

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    Quote Originally Posted by Esoteric Wench View Post
    Is it possible for ENFPs and ENFJs to have a long term, healthy, and happy relationship? After all, they have nary a cognitive function in common.
    • ENFP = Ne > Fi > Te > Si
    • ENFJ = Fe > Ni > Se > Ti

    While all four NF types have a special kinship, this kinship doesn't seem universally strong. For example, just like there is a uniquely powerful magnetism between ENFPs and INFJs, there is an equally powerful repulsion between ENFPs and ENFJs.

    Thus, is the theory. And, so it is also my personal experience.

    I think of the ENFJs I know. I have soooo much in common with them. We like the same things. We both have a flair for conversation and for the arts. We both are socially capable and able to work our contacts. We both tend to get along with INFJs and INFPs quite well.

    And yet, even given all we have in common, it seems we live on different planets. Fi versus Fe? Whatever the reason, I'm not the only one who has noticed this natural antipathy between these two types.

    I want to know if anyone on the forum has figured out how to make such ENFP/ENFJ relationships work. Either as friends or lovers… Any advice is appreciated. I would very much like to improve my ability to interact with ENFJs.
    ENFJ's are action oriented first and observation oriented last while ENFP's are observation oriented first and action oriented last. That being the case the social norms do push ENFP's and ENFJ's to look similar in a lot of ways. Although I have many ENFJ relationships I find that they often end up in conflict.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Crescent Fresh View Post
    I wonder who dominates the conversation between the two?

    In my experience, ENFJ seems to dominate the atmosphere with lots of laughters while ENFP tends to enjoy giving the spotlight to ENFJ by talking less.

    But I must admit whenever three of us hang out together, I had the most fun even just by watching how they interact with each other.
    ENFJ's are more talkative because their primary function is extroverted emotion through meaningful actions. ENFP's are extroverted intuition through observation. ENFP's for that reason can often seem very introverted because their primary function is observation oriented.

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