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Thread: INFPs: What do you admire about ISFJs?

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    Quote Originally Posted by tinker683 View Post
    This. We are still guys, after all, and prone to be being aggressive like any other guy. My friends always get a little stunned whenever I drop an 'F' bomb. They're like, " cussed! I've never heard you swear!" and I'm always like, "Really? I swear all the time. You clearly don't hang around me very much."

    This of course only spurs me though to watch my language when out and about in public

    Also, if you cross me in someway that violates a principal or something that consider I very important, then I can get really nasty at the drop of a hat. Honestly, while I like that we're so often thought of as being really nice people, the stereotype can get on my nerves sometimes. I've said this before, but while ISFJs are good people, we're hardly angels.
    I think anyone that is close to ISFJ knows that the angelic stereotype is bull. You guys can be quite 'I don't take that sh*t', forceful hard-asses, especially over values. My Mum is quite an impassioned person who feels very strongly about many things and isn't afraid of expressing her opinion; I could never consider her sweet, appeasing or spineless (and she says F*ck too . It used to be a word that was never spoken in our house (I restrained myself) but my openly foul-mouthed ESTJ sister has now made it more acceptable).
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    they've gone through and through me, like wine through water, and altered the colour of my mind.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Afkan View Post
    I'd LOVE to hear any and all opinions you have. In fact, I think its a frickin FAB idea to share what you like "less" abt them too.... These threads were started in the name of science (just kidding, Socionics, a far cry from science, instead) - according to Socionics, ENFPs are admired by ISFJs, and ISFJs are admired by INFPs.... to use the term "admire" **very** loosely.
    ***See - relations- for more info.
    I forgot to add that I like I can totally be an emotional trainwreck sometimes and they might still accept me. It scares some people away. No, really.

    I don't like that they can be emotionally manipulative sometimes and overly stubborn (I'm stubborn too so stubborn + stubborn with opposing ethics or political beliefs can be kind of sticky, though it can be resolved and dealt with) ... um they can do the whole victim/martyr thing sometimes and try to make everything look like the other person's fault, even when they themselves were responsible for whatever went wrong, which probably is the #1 thing that has annoyed me about ISFJ males in my life...uh, just general passive-aggressive mind games, or trying to smooth things over and "pretend" like everything is okay when it's not really okay...although I can flip that around and see the good side of that last trait, though, because sometimes it can actually serve a very good purpose in bringing peace or harmony. It actually *does* fix things sometimes, so it can be a good thing. Oh, and "hate me so I can love you"...really? Ugh. Ok.

    Wow this amazes me...ISFJs are so prevalent. They seem awful easy to type...but just my opinion. ISFJ---a goth chick? I mean, not saying its *impossible* but prolly rather unlikely. Albeit fascinating. Do you know if she donns goth style to this day?
    Not unlikely. My sister is sort of like that. It depends on their environment, influences, social group, culture, past, family, sense of aesthetics, etc.
    "Sentiment without action is the ruin of the soul." - Edward Abbey

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    I've dated two ISFJs and what I loved about both of them was their genuine kindness, general emotional stability, a clean down-to-earth quality, but especially a kind of childlike innocence. That last quality I think is what I admired the most and made me so attracted to them.

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    I greatly appreciate thier warmth and genuine nature.

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    My sister (1 year older) is an ISFJ. We clashed A LOT growing up because we're so close in age and SO different as people. BUUUUUT, she has a lot of good qualities. She is great with money, hard working, ambitious, has the BEST fashion sense, and gets important things done. She is usually willing to help me when I'm trouble or need something, even though she is VERY judgmental of my ways. She also finds me extremely weird though, so

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    I'm an INFJ but I'm still going to answer. And my answer is-EVERYTHING.





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