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Thread: ENFP-NT sex

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    Quote Originally Posted by LucidLegend1984 View Post
    I'd go for the one that goes for me.
    based on the mythical MBTI coupling ideals, apearently its ENFPs..
    Quote Originally Posted by gmanyo View Post
    I would choose ENTP by default. But I'd rather stay away from T sex in general. I guess I wouldn't know, being a virgin and all, but I would guess ESFJ sex might be good. I wouldn't worry about them judging me as much.
    INFJs all the way man... best sexual chemistry in my life so far (but i am open to be proven wrong).

    we do need an equivilent thread for NT-NF sex don't we?
    edit - here it is. good idea gmanyo.

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    entj's you have to make them change their rules to do the really fun stuff.

    Fun to work at it.

    mostly enfp females here. Are you dominant in bed? Alot of dominant, submissive comments here.
    A Fox isn't sly. He just can't think any slower.

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