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Thread: Real vs. Imagined You

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    I can't relate to the OP. I don't see myself as compassionate or caring most of the time. The times I feel that way are moments which surprise me. When other people see me that way, it surprises me even more. Maybe that's why I often test as a Thinker.

    I tend to see myself in more negative terms: I am cranky, moody, and withdrawn from others. It might be the environment I was raised in. I grew up with a lot of SFs in my family who criticized my personality a lot and told me I was cold and unfeeling. It took me awhile to see that I just have a different brand of empathizing or caring; it stays hidden from my family because I don't feel safe due to all the criticism from them. I'm not a warm person (or at least I don't often express warm feeling), but I do have a capacity for emotional healing. It's a side of myself I only began to embrace and even identify a few years ago. Other people had to recognize it in my first (people outside of my family).

    I think I become annoyed with INFP profiles that are sicky sweet because of this....I can't see myself as that nice. I see too much deficiency in my demeanor, or even when I feel nice, it does not come across as strongly as I feel it.

    If I am on any high horse, then it may be in my moral views, my taste (literature, music, art, etc), and my intelligence. My identity is more of a creative & an intelligent person than an empath. When this becomes threatened because my standards get so high, then I begin to wonder what my value is in the world, and I become depressed. Then I try and see myself through kinder eyes and I re-establish my identity on less idealistic terms. It's a never-ending cycle though.
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    I don't get knocked off my benevolent NF pedestal because I work hard to stay there. No one else can knock me off, only I can lose my own balance. I know I am no more or less of a saint than every other person in the world

    On that note as a NF it's hard to watch yourself fall, if you see yourself doing it you'd scramble to straighten back up and salvage something. You really only know in pure retrospect that you fell. :rolli:
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