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Thread: NFs, what movies shapped your childhood?

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    Oh my god. The Cat in the Hat.

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    Oh and Lilo & Stitch. I love them so much.

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    My mother was a type four so I watched all kinds of horror movies which I think traumatized me as a child.

    The Exorcist
    Friday the 13th
    The Shining

    I dislike horror movies to this day.

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    I like them, but they scare me to death. Even the lame ones.

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    Quote Originally Posted by syorro View Post
    I like them, but they scare me to death. Even the lame ones.
    I don't like horror movies. I like psychological thrillers (no gore, please) And that clip even though its dated and lame by today's standards made me jump.

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    The movies that shapped my childhood were many and numerous and several.

    Chitty Chitty Bang Bang
    Wizard of Oz
    The Neverending Story
    The Secret Garden
    Gremlins 2
    The People Under the Stairs
    The Witches
    Hocus Pocus
    The Sandlot
    Blank Check
    Honey I Shrunk the Kids
    Jurassic Park
    Little Shop of Horrors
    Dolores Claiborne
    The Good Son
    (I blame my mom for this)

    I went through a phase where animals were my thing. I read and reread books like The Incredible Journey, Black Beauty, The Secret of NIMH, The Trumpeter Swan, Where the Red Fern Grows, and White Fang. I loved movies like The Bear, Homeward Bound, Black Beauty, Lassie, Babe, and Monkey Trouble. Probably my favorite was a movie called Milo & Otis. My parents rented the VHS for me so many times. I wanted to be that cat!

    These movies had an emotional impact on me, but I can't really remember them:
    The Cure
    The Boy Who Could Fly
    Mac & Me
    A Feast at Midnight
    The Gate
    Jason and the Argonauts
    Fire in the Sky

    I'm surprised at how many of these have been listed, like The Gate. I remember almost nothing about it except for a scene where there's an eye in someone's hand. That image stuck with me. So did those claymation skeletons that appeared in old movies. I'd lie awake thinking they were coming to get me. It's weird because Child's Play, IT, and Friday the 13th didn't keep me up at night.

    Here you go:
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    No movies. There were movies I liked, but they didn't really affect my thinking. Books were more influential.

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    I don't recall specific ones that shaped my character. But on the stylistic level, there is a yet unbroken rule that anything in film that scared me as a child, I dig today.

    Quote Originally Posted by cafe View Post
    I learned that I hated trippy scenes like the drunk scene in Dumbo and pretty much Fantasia and Alice in Wonderland in their entireties.
    ...for just one example of many, these kinds of animated fun and games.

    Also, these opening credits are still cool:
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    RLOAX (don't do it)
    Melancholic Hufflepuff
    A lonely island where only what is permitted to move moves, becomes an ideal. Jung

    Kiss Kiss [johari] Bang Bang [nohari]
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