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Thread: How do you cope with housework and daily life details?

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    just get a cleaning lady to come in like once a month (mine costs like <100$) and get it all done... then be vewy vewy caweful for the rest of the month.

    Oh I also throw shit out compulsively.. I'm a minimalist. Makes cleaning barely necessary.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Kate7 View Post
    Man, I struggle with this big time. Any hints on how not to let everything take over and stress you out all the time. I seem so shit at remembering things and fitting it all in is a huge chore. Yet I don't like to live in a mess ... any older wiser NF's out there who know how we can SJ those wee parts of our life so we can get on with the other, so much more INTERESTING stuff!!?
    I am not an NF but my advice is this:
    Find someone else.

    Pay. Bribe. Con. Whatever it takes.

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    Quote Originally Posted by shortnsweet View Post
    Daily: (With alarms set.)
    Quote Originally Posted by Flutterby View Post
    One of her best tips is to set a timer for fifteen minutes.
    I've found that timing myself particularly helps me in areas outside of housework.
    I'm a student for example, so setting an alarm for 30-45 of daily review of notes, text, etc well in advance of a deadline helps tremendously with focusing and meeting goals.

    As far as cleaning housework and cleaning, I've never had a real problem with motivation. However, my motivation is not always consistent.
    I could never set aside a day to do laundry every week.
    I judge what needs to be done case by case: how uncomfortable I do feel in my environment? how ugly does the house look? is immediate action necessity for guests or work?

    My biggest trouble comes with running errands and what shortnsweet described as "business."
    I always put off tasks that involve:
    1. Driving because I hate it and I hate interrupting my day with a special trip.
    2. Focusing for a long time on something mundane and uninteresting.
    *Another example of when to use timers.
    3. Telephone calls - They're unbearably awkward.
    4. Researching on the internet (source of distraction.)
    *Solution: 5-min timer to search MapQuest, etc.

    The best solution I've found so far has been to minimize the amount of time between the thought and the action.
    The more time spent planning or preparing, the more my inspiration to diminishes.
    Instead of wasting more time showering, eating a meal, or whatever before I am "ready" to go, I get out of bed, just wash my face, put on clean clothes and jump in the car with a quick do-to list that I made the night before.

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    I just do it as fast and as well as I can to get it over with so I can sit at my computer or do whatever and not get yelled at. On occasion I cope by treating it like a game -- particularly when I'm organizing, I treat the whole thing like a huge IRL game of Tetris.

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    Quote Originally Posted by surgery View Post
    I've found that timing myself particularly helps me in areas outside of housework.
    I'm a student for example, so setting an alarm for 30-45 of daily review of notes, text, etc well in advance of a deadline helps tremendously with focusing and meeting goals.

    Soo true. It works with everything. Sometimes I get more efficient too, because I'm trying to beat the clock somehow.
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    How do I cope with housework?

    Just do it.


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    Quote Originally Posted by blomiki View Post
    Reading this thread was really entertaining!! Some of the tips here seem totally un-followable though. I'd love to know what other ENFP's do?...
    I read this book:

    I think one of the reasons that it worked for me was that it talks a lot about the theory behind keeping an organized house. (It even mentioned Six Sigma principles. LOL!) I think that once I bought into the theory, then implementing the theory wasn't so hard... Then again, I was living with an INTJ at the time who was a wee on the anal side of things so this was a powerful motivator for me.

    Seriously though, I can't recommend this book enough to other ENFPs. It really, really helped me.

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    luckily..i naturally can't stand clutter. i could live in a total japanese minimalist mind is cluttered enough. i dig the serenity of a sparse environment.
    There can’t be any large-scale revolution until there’s a personal revolution, on an individual level. It’s got to happen inside first.
    -Jim Morrison

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    I pick a time of the week when I do all this at once, and have all other free time to focus on what is really important to me.

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    Not to be Mr. know it all, but the better question is how do you not cope with that stuff. It actually makes life much easier and simpler. The whole, a cluttered desk is a cluttered mind, cleanliness is next to Godliness thing.

    But, practical advice, put on some of your favorite energetic music, have some sugar or caffeine, and then just wreck.

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