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Thread: Broken hearted INFP?

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    Aw thanks guys.

    Shes an awesome girl and she called me and asked me to pick her up, which is an honor. She has a lot of friends who support her, she'll be fine. I assumed just letting her talk and cry it out was the best solution but never hurts to post a thread and get suggestions from other INFPs right?

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    In my case.. All I really ask for when I am broken hearted with those I am close to is.. To have patience in understanding that we all grieve in our own ways and to try not to rush my healing process. To have enough courage in the friendship to know that I will be back, but for the time being the person you know and like/love is wounded and hiding. I haven't changed, my situation has, and I am reacting to it.. eventually I will feel like myself again.When that happens it would be cool if my friends were still my friends and happy to see me.

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