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Thread: NFs and walking habits

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    Default NFs and walking habits

    The other day I stumbled upon an article called "How to Recognize an INFJ". I thought this line was particularly interesting:

    An INFJ walks erect and with purpose and they appear to be focused on where they are going.

    I've been told this is how I walk, and now I am very aware of it. Long strides, erect posture, determined, and brisk. My INFJ friend walks like this as well. But I have a few of INFP friends, and they all walk slower than me, and they tend to walk diagonally and make spontaneous turns and stops. When I go shopping with them, it's like playing bumper cars. (Don't get me wrong it's endearing, not irritating. Hopefully they feel the same way about my walking style!)

    Does anyone else see a pattern in mbti and walking habits? What about ENFs?

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    Usually with head down ,hands in pockets and get the hell out of my way..
    I walk fast and with purpose .. Comes from a life time of not driving

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    Don't know if it's a type thing or not, but the people who lived in the suite below me used to joke that I had a dictatorial kind of walk.

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    PS: I posted this partly because a lot of people seem to have trouble figuring out if they're INFJ or INFP. Maybe this could be the determining factor.

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    Haha. There might not be a pattern. But yes, I happen to walk while standing up. And I always have a purpose. I usually walk quite fast and I always have a specific route planned out. I might not appear to be quite "there" while walking, though. I swear it's a miracle I haven't been hit by a car.

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    I walk really fast (people tell me to slow down) and with purpose, unless I'm tired or having a conversation with someone.

    I also walk for exercise and fun, which is less purposeful.
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    I walk pretty fast, depending on where I'm rushing to get to (school, avoiding smokers/chain smokers- gives me a headache).

    I walk slow in places like at the beach, or just exercising in general. I take my time.

    I have this thing where I feel a little awkward exposing my wrists, because I have long arms, and abnormally small wrists, which makes me feel like my hands are gordo. When I walk, I somewhat try to hide it.. I feel really self-conscious about it, and it makes me look a little klutzy.

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    I didn't used to walk fast, but got in the habit when my kids were little: if they had to boogie to keep up, they couldn't get into as much stuff. Plus, taking small kids places is like walking around with a ticking time bomb in your back pocket. It's only a matter of time before something goes horribly wrong. You want to get done and get home ASAP. Now it's just habit.
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    WTF are "walking habits?"

    I walk fast. Really fast. It hasn't reached Coke Addict speed yet. It's more like Naomi Campbell on the Catwalk fast. My friends even tease me about how much they hate to go window shopping with me because I move too quickly and simply do not understand how to walk leisurely. I can't help that I have long legs. It feels unnatural for me to walk any slower than I have to. *pout*

    I've also developed a bad habit of looking at my foot when I walk sometimes. When I was younger, I was terribly clumsy and would trip over books and clothing and people even, so now I look down a lot to make sure there's nothing in my path. Plus, I tend to daydream and forget where I am, so I assumed it'd be best not to look at people while I'm zoning out They'd be confused at why I'm staring at them for so long.

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    I naturally walk pretty slowly and smile at people (and usually they smile back and then we are both happier!) and take in what is going on around me. If I am in a hurry, I am running but also usually smiling because it is somewhat ridiculous to be scurrying around like that. I don't know if I can even walk fast at all, so it's either slowly sauntering or running.

    Also I like skipping and hopping and galloping when I am in a particularly good mood, which is often how I feel when I am outside, seeing people and things.

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