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Thread: ENFP: Lack of Fear of Germs?

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    I am totally scared of things like microscopic maggots in food that has been left out for more than a couple of hours and stuff like that, lol. If a piece of food drops on the floor I'll tear off the parts that touched the floor if I'm in a particularly good mood. Most of the time I'm not though, haha. I'm weird about dishes. I have to hand wash them and THEN put them in the dishwasher. If they look dodgy I clean them again.

    One thing I thought I should mention is that my ENFP best friend doesn't like to take medicine. She says she can feel it circulating in her body and it freaks her out. Of course we both have bad anxiety problems.

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    I remember seeing a show on Discovery that said that the average human (not sure the actual statistics here) eats/breathes/ingests some 28 bugs a night while they sleep.

    I have insomnia, so I take my bugs while I am awake.

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