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  • I cry daily to express hurt feelings

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  • I cry easily and frequently

    25 22.73%
  • I cry sometimes, neither easily nor with difficulty

    39 35.45%
  • It's somewhat hard for me to cry

    24 21.82%
  • It's VERY hard for me to cry, even when someone dies

    14 12.73%
  • I tend to cry to release anger more than sadness

    24 21.82%
  • I cry over works of beauty or sentiment

    35 31.82%
  • I cry at toliet paper commericals with puppies and children in them

    8 7.27%
  • I don't know

    9 8.18%
  • I hate polls

    4 3.64%
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    May 2010

    Default crying

    Quote Originally Posted by Udog View Post
    I can get misty eyed when someone who has struggled experiences sudden triumph (like say, the movie Rudy), but I very rarely cry, even at times when I wish I could.
    This is honest to goodness me. I DO cry, but ... I honestly can't remember the last time I cried. More likely to get a bit misty eyed for some sentimental reason, or seeing pain (physical/mental).

    I definitely NEVER cry in public.
    I want to be alive To all the life that is in me now, to know each moment to the uttermost.
    (Khalil Gibran from Mary Haskell's Journal June 7, 1912.)

    "I'd rather die than live without Mercy and Love" - House of Heroes, Code Name Raven

    "I write/Slowly at first/Then the words come quicker/Slow in comparison/To my rapid thoughts/I fall silent/In awe of love"


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    Senior Member chooi's Avatar
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    May 2010


    Quote Originally Posted by Udog View Post
    I can get misty eyed when someone who has struggled experiences sudden triumph (like say, the movie Rudy), but I very rarely cry, even at times when I wish I could.
    Definitely me as well. People overcoming adversity and struggle in inspirational fashion? It's a done deal (misting, not crying). I also tend to mist with images of people being persecuted or oppressed. It takes something pretty heavy to make me cry fully, though.

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    Apr 2010


    When the beauty of life, the absurdity and suffering and joy is concentrated in any of the artistic mediums, I freely shed my tears.

    INFPs tell me, does this make you cry?

    For my own personal circumstances, no so much. I'll cry for you, though.

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    Jun 2010


    I've always thought that I cry more than anyone else I know. I feel like I spend an obscene amount of my life crying. It's not always for good reasons either. Mostly it's out of frustration due to lack of understanding of people around me.

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    I had quite the cry on Wednesday.

    It was very intesne.
    I was listening to music, something I have mostly avoided for a while because I have feared the emotional repsonse it could trigger in me.
    SO I decided on a "safe" band.. something I couldn't really attach any sensitments or emotions to. or nothing recent anyway.
    Cold Play. I was doing fine.. Then I put on Fix You.. a song I dont really know that well and I was not too sure what the lyrics were about.
    I got to the part where the song starts saying "tears roll down your face, when you lose what you can't replace" and it was like a flood.. I am not sure if it was just the suggestion of the lyrics ot the actual message in them.. But I started bawling.. And I couldn't stop for almost 20 minutes. A lot of stuff went though my head, a lot of stuff I have been avoiding,and I guess I needed to cry about. It was catharsis at it's finest. Have I had a realization?
    Yeah.. everything has changed .

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    My eyes are incapable of crying at this point in my life. Replaced with laser beams or something cool like that. Tear ducts are only there to clean your face if you're wounded and bleeding. Are you some ardent kick boxer or something? Didn't think so - you're an INFP. You ain't bleeding, so there's no reason to cry. Go home.



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    May 2010


    I usually only cry when I get overwhelmed, and even then, it's usually only in private when things build up and build up. In the initial stages of overwhelm I'll probably just start getting cranky or stonewalling or both.

    There have been a couple of times when I cried in public but once was when I was a kid being picked on by a teacher, the other time I was going along fine when my boss brought up an uncomfortable topic and I just started crying, but I managed to stop pretty quickly.

    There have most definitely been times in my life when I wanted to cry but couldn't, a lot of times like that. There have also been some times when I wanted to cry but held it in, like when my aunt's cat was put down and I wanted to be strong for her.

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    Senior Member Iriohm's Avatar
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    I vaguely remember crying about three years ago. Nowadays I just get very sad.
    "Quiiri ath metahn i'ashei?"
    Chronically Gephyrophobic

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    It varies wildly depending on how various areas of my life (especially personal connections and how I'm regarding myself) are going. I've gone months without crying, of feeling really thick-skinned and genuinely happy and confident. I've had others where I was generally happy but easily moved and still somewhat in touch with darker feelings. (Those are actually some of my favorite times.) And there have been times when I cried nearly every day, and not the good cathartic kind of crying: more like the 'staring down a dark hole' type of crying.

    About half the time when I cry it's actually in response to beauty and is a positive, cathartic experience. I almost exclusively cry alone, except for in very stressful or sad interpersonal situations, or when I have a rare volcanic outburst of emotion that seems to come out of nowhere.
    9w1>3w4>7w6 sp/sx

    “If you hate a person, you hate something in him that is part of yourself. What isn't part of ourselves doesn't disturb us.” - Hermann Hesse

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    Quote Originally Posted by chana View Post
    i can't cry in public. i have some kind of mental block against it. if i really need to cry i'll go to the bathroom or something. it usually takes something pretty big to make me cry, but i also cry during movies/tv shows easily
    lol wow I wrote that 4 years ago. I am proud to announce that I am now able to cry in public! Progress!

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